NELK Boys under fire for two massive meetups after YouTube ban

The NELK Boys sit together while partying.Instagram: nelkboys, ausgod

The NELK Boys are known for their wild pranks and massive fan meetups — but these gatherings have come under intense scrutiny amid the current health crisis, and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon.

For those unaware, the NELK Boys are a wildly popular group of YouTubers best known for their outrageous pranks — as well as their equally outrageous fanbase, which seems to turn up in droves for a chance at hanging out with the squad wherever they travel.

While it’s no surprise that these gatherings have warranted police action in the past, this time around, the NELK Boys are facing extreme criticism for drawing crowds due to the ongoing health situation.

Because of this, students at Illinois State University face potential fines and suspensions for being involved at a NELK party near the school — but that wasn’t enough to deter the YouTubers, it seems.

NELK is once again facing criticism for holding two massive gatherings in the span of a single day, with the group uploading videos to their Instagram story that showed an enormous throng of fans at two different locations in Jersey Shore.

The meetups appear to be to commemorate the launch of their new merchandise, which might be getting them booted out from the house they’re renting in the area, if their Instagram caption is anything to go by.

Although this is far from the first time the squad has come under fire for their meetups, it does mark a huge statement, as YouTube has also banned the group from their platform in wake of their Illinois State University rager.

Claiming they were “creating a large public health risk,” the NELK Boys are now unable to upload footage of their insane meetups to the website, potentially discouraging such behavior (a la Bryce Hall) — but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that they’re interested in doing anything else other than going “Full Send.”

With critics across the net flaming the creators for hosting and even seeming to encourage these gatherings in spite of the danger, there’s no telling what will come out of the situation, should they continue their tours.