NELK Boys shock fan with surprise ‘FULL SEND’ Ferrari worth $350k

NELK surprise fan with free FerrariYouTube: NELK

The NELK Boys have gone on a gift-giving tour, surprising some of their most avid fans, but one viewer was left dumbfounded after they gave him a brand new, $350,000 Full Send-themed Ferrari.

The NELK Boys were once known as low-budget pranksters that built a huge audience traveling to wherever they could, pranking anyone and everyone with absolutely no fear.

In recent years, though, they’ve blown up, and pulling off pranks to that scale has become increasingly harder as the authorities are aware of who they are and what they do. They’ve frequently landed themselves in legal trouble, but ultimately know where the line is.

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That said, as a result of their success through YouTube, they’ve been fortunate enough to make a decent amount of money, and are always giving back to their community and friends.

stevewilldoit and kyle forgeard from NELK with happy dad seltzerInstagram: nelkboys
The NELK Boys have been celebrating the launch of their new Happy Dad seltzer.

In the past, we’ve seen SteveWillDoIt completely turn a homeless man’s life around, providing him with $25k cash, an apartment, and a new job to boot.

Meanwhile, star of the show Kyle Forgeard gave his dad $300k so that he could comfortably retire in a truly heartwarming moment.

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Now, with the launch of their new Happy Dad seltzer, they gave away free samples of the drink, a bunch of cash, and, the biggest of all, a $350k Ferrari F8 Tributo to one lucky fan.

“This is f**king crazy,” the fan said after getting in and revving the engine, with one of the NELK crew comparing it to “seeing Bigfoot.”

Timestamp 16:33

The car itself starts at $270k as a minimum, but with any additional extras, it reaches well over $300k and, not only that, the Full Send theme makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

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The boys do pull a little prank on the lucky fan, joking that he only gets to keep it for 28 days after which the lease is $10k — but he looks delighted either way.

Of course, it’s not just a 28-day gift. It’s his for good, and that will probably be the most insane gift he ever receives.

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