NELK Boys reveal they turned down $1.5m to host YouTubers vs TikTokers as fighters “got robbed”

NELK Boys' Kyle talking into a mic on a podcastYouTube: FULL SEND/NELK

NELK’s Kyle Forgeard claims the YouTube collective was offered $1.5 million to host the YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms event but following all the fallout, he’s pretty glad they turned it down. 

For the past few years, social media stars from across the globe have been stepping into the boxing ring in a bid to settle scores and earn a nice little payday too.

While some like KSI, Logan, and Jake Paul have joined the professional ranks, there are others that have stuck to just content creator vs content creator bouts. The YouTubers vs TikToker event was arguably the biggest of the lot so far, but the fallout has been drama-filled.

AnEsonGib’s draw with Tayler Holder was overturned to hand the victory to the British YouTuber and lawsuits have been dished out as payouts haven’t been forthcoming. Now, the NELK Boys have revealed that they had a near-miss with the event.

YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing matchInstagram: Austin McBroom/ FaZe Jarvis / Tayler Holder / Bryce Hall
The YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event has become embroiled in controversy after several influencers claimed they weren’t paid.

While speaking to Jordan Belfort on the FULL SEND podcast, the boys touched on the latest updates around the boxing event as Belfort asked if anyone had finally been paid out.

“They offered us like a million and a half to host that event, but we didn’t do it,” NELK’s Kyle said. “I’m glad we didn’t do it because we probably wouldn’t have gotten the money.”

The YouTuber added that he thinks the creators “just got robbed” for taking part, but noted “who knows what’s going on” with it all and how it plays out down the line.

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As noted, there have been several lawsuits filed against different parties regarding the event – with some creators suing ACE Family’s Austin McBroom and others going after LiveXLive.

While the fallout from the event has been drama-filled, the interest in social media stars fighting continues to remain high, so similar events will likely happen regardless.