NELK Boys get deserted in Bahamas after being kicked off cruise ship

Alan Bernal
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The NELK Boys got kicked off a cruise ship after pranking everyone on board, from the captain to guests, and were quickly deserted in the middle of the Bahamas.

To get their 2022 hijinks off to a proper ‘Full Send’ fashion, the NELK crew signed up for a cruise to see how fast they could get the boot. The trip was originally going to be about five days over water but, after just one, they weren’t welcome on the boat anymore.

“Whatever you’re doing, your behavior is not allowed on board,” an attendant on the boat told them. But it was all a part of the plan.

The NELK collective were speedrunning the time it took to get kicked off the cruise, which included everything from asking about bringing drugs across international waters to trolling guests with insane backstories.

NELK Boys kicked off a cruise ship

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The NELK Boys were trying everything they could to get kicked off the cruise, and succeeded with flying colors.

“Are you allowed to j**k off on this boat,” Stephen ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis can be seen asking staff before taking off.

It was a true Full Send escapade from the moment they boarded their shuttle to the cruise which ended shortly after they interrupted the ship’s captain during a speech.

“This is an older crowd [on] this whole cruise,” Kyle Forgeard said. “So we’re going to really try to take advantage of the pranks and f**k with some people.”

The night would escalate to include lewd family christmas photos and other passengers calling staff on NELK’s video-taping. But the night would come to an end after the NELK boys heckled the captain of the ship and the following stand-up comics that immediately got the attention of staff.

The next morning the cruise directors told them to disembark and were kicked off the cruise in about 20 hours. Then, they faced a bigger problem. They couldn’t leave the port where the cruise left them.

“You have not [officially] landed in this country just yet,” a port authority official said. “That’s why you’re stuck here.”

The NELK crew were excited to get 2022 started off with a bang and it looks like they accomplished what they set out to do.