NELK Boys arrested while filming YouTube prank

Nelkboys / Freepik

Members of the popular YouTuber group NELK Boys have been arrested after filming another prank for their channel in Mississippi on May 14.

The popular group of pranksters, known as the NELK Boys, have built a massive online following with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube for their entertaining videos.

NELK are known for pushing their pranks to the limits but, while filming content for their latest video in Mississippi, it seems as if they went a little too far. Many members of the team were subsequently arrested on May 14.

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One of the group’s earliest members, Jesse Sebastiani revealed on NELK’s Instagram that many of the channel’s frequent stars such as Kyle Forgeard, SteveWillDoIt, and Salim had all been arrested along with their crew of cameramen.

“Alright boys, I got some sh**ty news. We were on our way to Tampa, Florida and we were shooting a video on our way there, and the boys all ended up getting arrested,” he explained.

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He then started to list all of the members that had been arrested for the prank, adding, “We’re on our way to the police station right now, gave the lawyer a call, we’re going to try and get them out.”

However, the popular content creators were released only a few hours later and a brief video of them getting out was shared on NELK’s Twitter.

While it remains unclear what exactly their latest prank entailed, it clearly did not impress the local police department after resulting in the entire crew being brought to the station.

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The popular YouTubers had revealed in one of their latest uploads that they were embarked on a road trip around the US, with pranks planned for some unexpecting people along the way.

One of their first pranks during the road trip was on TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Taylor Holder, where they ironically tricked them with a fake police arrest at a party.

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