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NELK Boys announce first upload break for 15 weeks – reveal epic Season 2 plans

Published: 9/Jul/2019 10:36

by Connor Bennett


YouTube collective The NELK Boys have revealed their content plans for ‘NELK season two’, after announcing that they will be taking a short break from uploading. 

The NELK Boys are a YouTube channel made up of founding members from around Canada, infamous for their daring pranks that always have stunning production levels. 

Their ‘Full Send’ motto – which means that they are going all in on a video – has become synonymous with their fanbase. Yet, those uploads are going to be taking a short break before returning in a big way. 

Full SendThe NELK boys have become one of the most popular YouTube prank channels.

In the most recent upload, Bowling in Other Peoples Lanes, the collective revealed that they return to making videos on August 2, when they will finally go through with their ‘Spin the Globe Challenge’ on Instagram, after taking a three-week break.


As the name might suggest, the Spin the Globe Challenge will consist of the NELK boys spinning a globe, stopping it and traveling to whichever place that they land upon. Of course, with this being NELK, the preparation will be massive as fans in the Toronto area will be able to get involved once they announce the recording location of the start to the challenge.

Screengrab via YouTubeThe NELK Boys will finally go through with their Spin the Globe challenge.

However, for fans that are desperate for a YouTube upload, they will have to wait a little bit longer as they won’t return until August 5th. 

The collective revealed that decision in their upload, stating: “Us, and the entire team, we’ve decided that since we want to bring you guys the best possible content, we’re going to take a three-week upload break. Think of the last 15 weeks as a season one of NELK.”


Explaining the reasoning behind their small break, they added: “The amount of work that goes into a video every Monday is insane. We need to take a little break – go back home to Canada, spend some time with our families, see our friends and shit like that.” 

Yet, the group again emphasized that what can effectively be known as season of two of NELK will return in August and that fans won’t want to miss out on their uploads. 

(Timestamp at 2:29 for mobile viewers in video below)

Until that point, viewers will have to suffice with rewatching videos like their Coachella security prank and their fake pilot in an airport.


Considering season two is set to kick off with a huge bang, it’ll be interesting to see just what the NELK boys have got in store.