NELK Boys and David Dobrik hotbox a garage with leaf blowers

Published: 2/Mar/2020 19:40

by Bill Cooney


The humble garage has traditionally been a haven of sorts for pot enthusiasts, but David Dobrik and the NELK Boys took things to the next level with an insane leaf blower-powered hotbox.

Usually when you think of a hotbox, something like the image of Cheech and Chong rolling around in a smoke-filled car comes to mind, but these YouTubers created more of a green-fueled sauna for their stunt.

NELK member Stevewilldoit posted a video of the experiment/Grateful Dead initiation ritual on Twitter and almost as soon as they start up the blowers, there is a blanket of smoke covering everyone in the room.

Can you fumigate your garage with smoke? Dobrik and the NELK Boys decided to find out.

The crew seemed to have rigged up common industrial air blowers to hold copious amounts of the devil’s lettuce above the devices’ air intakes and lit them with blowtorches once the fans were on.

As any stoner and/or student of thermodynamics would realize, this turned each of the blowers into basically a leaf-smoke machine – and very effective ones at that.

Steve, in the purple shirt, and the NELK Boys sitting on the floor felt the full force of the blast but it didn’t take long at all for the room to fill up and most likely give everyone filming, including Dobrik, an epic contact high.

One of the “victims” put it best when they cried, “Oh my god, it’s a f**king flamethrower of w**d!”

Eventually, things got so thick in the garage people had to evacuate for safety reasons. Yes, it was only marijuana, but it acts like any other smoke would on your body if you breathe too much of it.

After the smoke circle got out of the garage, which almost looked on fire due to the amount of smoke billowing out, they had to use fire extinguishers to put out the massive flaming bowls of pot on top of the blowers.

Finally, Steve emerged from the now smoke-filled house fully-baked to cheers, and most likely with an incredible desire for some water and a few bags of Doritos.


Pokimane slams Fedmyster’s second OfflineTV document: “Who asked?”

Published: 2/Dec/2020 0:27

by Virginia Glaze


⁠Former Offline TV member Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan has released yet another lengthy Google Doc regarding the accusations of misconduct against him from OTV streamers, claiming he wants to “move on” from the drama.

Fedmyster was released from OTV in June 2020, after streamers LilyPichu, Yvonne and Pokimane levied accusations of harassment and inappropriate conduct against him.

Following these accusations, it seemed that all was resolved, with Fed having been removed from the group as a result; but a Google Doc seemingly leaked from the disgraced streamer in late November, which set off a chain reaction of outrage across the internet.

In the leaked November document, Fed appeared to accuse Pokimane of not being honest about their relationship to her viewers, and included screenshots of private text messages between them.

While Pokimane went on to respond to this document, saying he’d admitted his guilt, Fedmyster released yet another lengthy statement on December 1, claiming that he had actually never intended to release the original Doc. Instead, he explained that it had actually been a “form of therapy for myself, to address my concerns about the way Poki portrayed me in her stream.”

Fedmyster also purported that a formerly-trusted member of his community had leaked the document, leading to a “violent breach of my trust and against my wishes as I’ve been working hard to grow, heal, and move on from everything.”

fedmyster and pokimane
Instagram: Fedmyster
The leaked document of Fedmyster’s in November had been titled “My Truth,” and mostly centered around his relationship with Pokimane.

The former streamer likewise addressed allegations that he had attempted to get Yvonne fired from the group due to her accusations against him. Denying that he had ever wanted her kicked from the crew, he claims that his concerns were due to her “lack of excitement and willingness to help with OfflineTV projects when it’s the only reason she’s in the house.”

He included several other explanations regarding his text messages with Pokimane, as well as his portrayal of Jodi toward Poki, who he apologized for, “painting her to Imane in such a poor light.”

Fedmyster ended his document by claiming that he wants “to move on and start a new chapter in my life,” hoping to put the issue to rest once and for all.

Pokimane has since responded to the document with a scathing tweet, writing, “Who asked lol.”

Fedmyster’s long document has been met with similar reactions from readers online, marking yet another episode of an ongoing incident between some of Twitch’s top content creators.