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NELK Boys and David Dobrik hotbox a garage with leaf blowers

Published: 2/Mar/2020 19:40

by Bill Cooney


The humble garage has traditionally been a haven of sorts for pot enthusiasts, but David Dobrik and the NELK Boys took things to the next level with an insane leaf blower-powered hotbox.

Usually when you think of a hotbox, something like the image of Cheech and Chong rolling around in a smoke-filled car comes to mind, but these YouTubers created more of a green-fueled sauna for their stunt.

NELK member Stevewilldoit posted a video of the experiment/Grateful Dead initiation ritual on Twitter and almost as soon as they start up the blowers, there is a blanket of smoke covering everyone in the room.


Can you fumigate your garage with smoke? Dobrik and the NELK Boys decided to find out.

The crew seemed to have rigged up common industrial air blowers to hold copious amounts of the devil’s lettuce above the devices’ air intakes and lit them with blowtorches once the fans were on.

As any stoner and/or student of thermodynamics would realize, this turned each of the blowers into basically a leaf-smoke machine – and very effective ones at that.

Steve, in the purple shirt, and the NELK Boys sitting on the floor felt the full force of the blast but it didn’t take long at all for the room to fill up and most likely give everyone filming, including Dobrik, an epic contact high.


One of the “victims” put it best when they cried, “Oh my god, it’s a f**king flamethrower of w**d!”

Eventually, things got so thick in the garage people had to evacuate for safety reasons. Yes, it was only marijuana, but it acts like any other smoke would on your body if you breathe too much of it.

After the smoke circle got out of the garage, which almost looked on fire due to the amount of smoke billowing out, they had to use fire extinguishers to put out the massive flaming bowls of pot on top of the blowers.


Finally, Steve emerged from the now smoke-filled house fully-baked to cheers, and most likely with an incredible desire for some water and a few bags of Doritos.