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Neekolul trolls fans on Twitter pretending she’s banned on Twitch

Published: 3/Jan/2021 11:26

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer Neekolul pranked her fans by setting up her profile on Twitter to look like the ‘Streamer Bans’ alert account, before tweeting that she herself had been banned from Twitch, leaving some people very confused in the process.

Neekolul is also known primarily for being a streamer who plays games such as Among Us, along with her YouTube content that centers on reacting to weird and wonderful videos and memes to come from the internet.

She also went viral back in March 2020 after she made a TikTok to the popular sound ‘Oki Doki Boomer,’ which promptly gained traction on the app.



Like to trigger the BOOMERS #bernie2020

♬ Okie dokie boomer – Venus

In recent months bans on Twitch seem to have amped up somewhat, with changes to Twitch’s Terms of Service regarding acceptable language and the use of copyrighted content meaning more streamers are at risk of sudden bans than ever.

Perhaps this is how Neekolul managed to fool so many of her Twitter followers when she redecorated her account temporarily.

Neekolul pranks fans with fake Twitch ban tweet

She changed up her display name and image to look just like the Twitch ban bot ‘StreamerBans’ account, the 260,000 follower feed that often breaks the news of a streamer’s suspension.

Neekolul tweeted a rather convincing alert that read “Twitch Partner “Neeko” has been banned!” with a matching array of emojis and hashtags, meaning anyone who just took a glance and didn’t read her username would assume it was from the actual account.


Neekolul changes her account to look like the Streamer Bans account

While some fans clocked on to the prank right away, it wasn’t so obvious for others, with one commenter saying, “I have to say you really got me,” and another saying, “I f***ing fell for this sh*t, I can’t believe it.”

Creators Karl Jacobs and Classify also responded to the joke.

However, while the harmless prank was entertaining for her fans, there have been instances of Twitter banning people in the past for impersonating other accounts by switching up their profile picture and display name as it could violate their ‘Impersonation Policy.’

Either way, the popular streamer’s prank definitely managed to fool some people, and her Twitch account remains unbanned at the time of writing.