Neekolul roasts “toxic” Twitch unban appeals on TikTok

Neekolul makes peace signInstagram/neekolul

The popular phenomenon of ban appeals is one of the best ways for streamers to get quality content out of their Twitch streams, and a recent TikTok of Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez going through her unban requests is no exception.

It’s not uncommon for streamers and their mods to ban viewers for being too rude, sexual or just plain gross in chat. With the addition of the Twitch “ban appeal” form, previously banned viewers can plead their case and try to earn an unban.

As such, streamers have used this as an easy way for more content. Going through waves of these requests, reading what was said and deciding to either unban or not is a great way to get people to tune in.

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Neekolul decided to do her very own uban appeal stream in the form of a TikTok video, aptly dubbed “Toxic Unban Appeals” – and the result was quite humorous.

As expected, a lot of the comments came from viewers being a bit too down bad and making remarks that mods weren’t fond of. For instance, one viewer asked how she could be doing a “savage” stream and not show any cleavage.

In the viewer’s appeal, they simply wrote, “Sorry, was a moment of weakness,” which got a hardy laugh from the Mexican-American 100T streamer.

Another user banned for talking about Neeko’s “cushions” appealed by claiming they would cease making any unnecessary comments in the future.

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Neekolul smilesInstagram/neekolul
Neekolul rose to stardom with her “Ok Boomer” TikTok.

Eventually, it got to a point where Neeko noticed an interesting trend with all the appeals.

“You know what’s funny? People say all these things like, ‘She knows what she’s doing,’ and then when they put in their unban request, they’re like ‘Ma’am I’m completely sorry, I really deeply apologize. That is out of character,’” she giggled.

For the most part, Neeko seemed more than willing to let a lot of comments slide and allow users to return to her chat. Still, the amount of people with eerily similar appeals is definitely a bit on the odd side.

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