Neekolul responds to Twitch fans comparing her to Pokimane

Neekolul - Twitch / Pokimane - Instagram

As a Twitch streamer who’s become an internet sensation, Neekolul has drawn inevitable comparisons to others on the platform, namely Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys.

Neeko has been one of the biggest names in the online content creation/influencer world since her ‘Ok Boomer’ TikTok went viral, amassing over 23.2 million views on Twitter.

That’s directly translated into success on Twitch, with her average viewership going from around 50 to over 1,500, and she’s now close to reaching the 100,000 follower mark.

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Neeko’s rise on the platform has apparently led to “a lot” of people comparing her to Pokimane, who, of course, is the biggest female streamer by far, boasting over four million followers.

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However, while that’s probably flattering to hear, she actually doesn’t consider herself similar to the superstar, even going as far as to call herself “anti-Poki.”

“I get a lot of people comparing me to Poki, but I’m going to be honest with you – if I were to be Poki, I’d be literally anti-Poki,” she explained. “I’m the complete opposite of Poki. I’m literally anti-Poki, I’m the complete opposite.”

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While she didn’t elaborate further about what makes her the opposite of Pokimane, Neeko made it clear that she doesn’t believe her qualities are similar to the Moroccan Canadian, instead that she would be totally different if she ever found herself that high up the Twitch totem pole.

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Following that, the viral TikTok star was then asked about who her favorite streamer is. Turns out, it’s Dmitri ‘Greedgodx‘ Antonatos, the English creator who boasts over a million followers on the platform.

“My favorite streamer is Greekgod,” she revealed. “I love Greekgod, he’s really cool.”

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It might not be long until she’s gained enough prominence for people to start comparing other streamers to her, especially with how her popularity seems to be increasing every day.

With how much everyone’s become immersed with this whole TikTok wave, Neeko’s brand and exposure are only going to keep expanding, and that should continue feeding directly into her growth on Twitch.

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