Neeko picks perfect date for Valkyrae and it’s a farmer

Neeko Valkyrae farmer jokeYouTube: 100 Thieves

Twitch star Neeko picked the perfect date for YouTube streamer Valkyrae during one of 100 Thieves’ game shows – and to her dismay, it was an “organic” farmer.

Being the content churning machine that they are, 100 Thieves don’t miss when it comes to rounding up a bunch of content creators and bringing entertainment for viewers to watch.

This comes in many forms, be it their awkward yet authentic TBH w/ JHB interviews or the plethora of games they make their creators play, the organization knows how to bring the amusement.

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Another of these is the newly introduced “Red Flags” game, a show in which some of 100 Thieves’ most popular content creators take turns setting each other up with the best and worst dates imaginable.

100 Thieves BrookeAB, CouRageJD, Neekolul, Nadeshot, Valkyrae100 Thieves
100 Thieves is a content creating machine.

Neeko picks the perfect date for Valkyrae

As the game indicates, they all took turns giving each other the best and worst dates possible, making sure that even though the date seemed like the perfect person, they had one glaring red flag… Until they reached Valkyrae, in which the 100 Thieves members (specifically, Neeko) didn’t hold back.

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At first, Neeko described Valkyrae’s fictional date as possibly the perfect person. Someone who is “really in touch with their feelings” and is “sure about everything” having to do with her.

But then, it quickly took a turn, as even though it was still one of the “good qualities” for a date, Neeko described him as an “organic farmer” stating: “I know you love health, everything with having to do with being healthy and non-GMO products.”

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This, of course, was a jab at Valkyrae’s RFLCT skincare product that garnered the YouTube streamer tons of backlash. In response, Valkyrae shrugged it off and laughed, appreciating the light-hearted joke.

While dating an “organic” farmer isn’t something that might be in Valkyrae’s future, she joked about her concerns in the dating world due to a hilarious comment from LilyPichu about her voice acting capabilities – something that recently landed her a role in Funimation’s Tribe Nine anime.

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