NBA 2K23 developers aren’t stopping with Dr Disrespect: They want Jake Paul

Jake Paul talking to Ronnie2K about joining 2K23YouTube: BS w/ Jake Paul

Ronnie2K largely operates as the face of the world’s biggest basketball series and in an interview with Jake Paul, the pair discussed how a collaboration was previously in the works for NBA 2K23.

Jake Paul has been on quite a journey in the sports world in 2022. From locking in a boxing match with MMA legend Anderson Silva to throwing out the first pitch at a Miami Marlins game, the young man seems to find a new way to keep the world’s eyes on him at all times.

While he has yet to touch the world of basketball in any meaningful way, Ronnie2k has made it clear that ‘The Problem Child’ is welcome to make an appearance in the biggest basketball sim in the world whenever he has the time to do so.

Ronnie 2K reveals that Jake Paul was supposed to be joining NBA 2K23

In an appearance on Jake’s podcast ‘BS w/ Jake Paul‘, the young fighter spoke with Ronnie about how the devs had previously planned on adding him to the game, but that time constraints related to his boxing career put a pin in it for the time being.

“If that first fight would have happened like a month ago, I think you would have had it in your calendar to be in [Los Angeles] this week,” the Digital Marketing Director said. “But anytime, Jake. It’s not an easy process to pull that R.B. up and scan somebody, but we’ll make it happen.”

While Jake’s role hasn’t been specified yet, his co-host DCUT joked that if his friend does make it into the game then he should automatically take over former NBA pro Nate Robinson’s rating since Paul knocked him out in a boxing match back in 2020.

Only time will tell if the crossover ever comes to fruition, but given Ronnie’s enthusiasm for making it happen and the ongoing trend of involving influencers in the series, it certainly seems likely that the younger Paul brother will be hitting the virtual hardwood at some point in the future.