Nate Diaz slaps NELK Full Send reporter in UFC 276 interview over “tweets”

Nate Diaz slapping Full Send reporter at UFC 276YouTube: Full Send MMA

UFC fighter Nate Diaz slapped a reporter working for the NELK Boys’ Full Send brand in a post-event interview at UFC 276, leaving the reporter stunned.

Shawn Mack is a reporter for Full Send MMA on YouTube, with the Full Send and NELK crew having a strong long-term relationship with the UFC.

They have close ties with UFC president Dana White and can often be seen around the octagon, watching the box office events unfold and celebrating their wins.

Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t automatically mean that the UFC fighters will love everything that they do, as Mack found out at UFC 276.

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Nate Diaz and Jake Paul side-by-side staring at cameraInstagram: Nate Diaz/Jake Paul
Diaz has angled for a fight with YouTuber Jake Paul in recent months.

When the cameras were rolling and Mack started speaking with Diaz, saying that he had “come to check out ‘Suga’ Sean [O’Malley].”

Things escalated quickly, though, as Diaz ignored Mack’s prompt to speak about O’Malley and instead took the opportunity to scold the reporter before lashing out.

Warning him that he “better watch his tweets” that he had made regarding Diaz’s team, a sheepish Mack simply said “Oh, I know,” before Diaz slapped the microphone in his hand and the hat off of his head.

The post many believe to have sparked Diaz’s frustration has been removed, with Mack allegedly making fun of Nate Diaz Academy star Nicholas Maximov in it.

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Mack has taken to Instagram to respond to the situation though, saying: “I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for it. Never been one to shy away from putting my opinion out there. My first weekend on the job and I got Stockton slapped.”


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While it didn’t look as though Mack got hurt in the confrontation, it may have dented his ego a little.

As suggested in his Instagram post, Mack clearly has no desire to let this stop him from pursuing his MMA reporting — but what a way to make your entrance into the space.

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