Nate Diaz, Daniel Cormier, more react to Jake Paul beating Tyron Woodley - Dexerto

Nate Diaz, Daniel Cormier, more react to Jake Paul beating Tyron Woodley

Published: 30/Aug/2021 7:48

by Brad Norton


With Jake Paul’s split decision victory over Tyron Woodley now in the history books, here’s how sporting legends and internet celebrities reacted to the boxing match.

After months of anticipation, divisive YouTuber Paul finally stepped into the ring with former UFC champion Woodley. While the two traded their fair share of powerful blows, it was Paul who had his hand raised in the end.

A split decision victory in his hometown is how the feud came to a close, at least, for now. A potential rematch could be in the cards already, with Woodley claiming he won the fight.


But who was victorious in the eyes of the public? Here’s how various MMA legends, celebrities, and social media stars reacted to the latest boxing spectacle.

MMA icons react to Jake Paul beating Tyron Woodley

As Tyron represented the MMA community, it’s no surprise countless UFC fighters were tuning in to support their guy.

While former Middleweight champ Chris Weidman “thought Tyron won,” not everyone shared that same opinion.”

“Jake Paul showed he has toughness and won’t quit,” hall of famer Daniel Cormier admitted, even after the two had their own back and forth

“Tyron wasn’t active enough,” he explained. “Paul was exhausted and when guys are that tired, gotta show ‘em the door. Dammit Tyron.”


“These guys both suck,” fan favorite Nathan Diaz chimed in as only he could, diminishing the efforts of both fighters.

How social media reacted to Jake Paul’s win over Tyron Woodley

Outside of the MMA bubble, thousands were tuned in around the world to see how Paul would stack up against a legitimate striking threat. 

Twitter: SchoolboyQ
SchoolboyQ wasn’t impressed by Woodley’s performance.

“Jake Paul won easy,” popular rapper Schoolboy Q said on Twitter. “MMA fighters should be embarrassed.

“Jake Paul does it again,” Lazarbeam said. “YouTuber’s saved boxing,” Keemstar chimed in.

Clearly, not everyone was stoked by Woodley’s performance, but with an immediate rematch seemingly in the cards, perhaps he’ll have a chance to make the right adjustments.


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