Natalie Mariduena stunned by David Dobrik’s bizarre confession from their childhood

David Dobrik and Natalie Marideuna on the VIEWS podcastYouTube: VIEWS

The Vlog Squad’s Natalie Mariduena was left shocked in an episode of the VIEWS podcast after David Dobrik confessed to an embarrassing childhood secret involving her.

David Dobrik is a YouTuber with over 18 million subscribers, who is well known for the wild videos that he makes alongside his team known as the Vlog Squad.

He also hosts the popular VIEWS podcast, alongside fellow YouTuber Jason Nash, and Natalie Mariduena, who he’s been close friends with since childhood.

The pair’s friendship has proven to be an endless source of crazy stories and conversation fuel for the podcast, but in an episode uploaded on December 2, Natalie was stunned by a story from David’s childhood involving her that she didn’t even know about.

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david dobrik with his assistantInstagram: David Dobrik
Natalie and David Dobrik are extremely close.

David originally told the group that he had an embarrassing story that he would “hold until the day [he dies]” that specifically involves Natalie.

After mulling over whether he should really share the story for a while, he eventually gave in and revealed what happened.

“When I was 12 or 13 Natalie had me go get something from her house, and I went into her room, and I put her underwear on,” he explained.

Natalie’s jaw immediately dropped, exclaiming, “What? David!” with Jason dissolving into laughter next to her.

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After recovering from the initial shock, she asked David what he tried on specifically, to which he revealed it was “a pink thong.”

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Despite how long he’d kept the secret to himself, Natalie ultimately said that it was “not that crazy,” and that: “Even if you did that yesterday in my house I wouldn’t think it was that bad.”

Regardless, David seemed glad to finally get the embarrassing secret off his chest, even if the rest of the group didn’t think it was as bad as he made it out to be.