Nailea speaks out on “uncomfortable” shipping rumors with Vinnie Hacker

Nailea speaks on vinnie hacker shipping rumorsYouTube: Dixie D'Amelio, Vinnie Hacker

YouTuber-turned-TikToker Nailea Devora has finally spoken out about the rumors surrounding herself and internet star Vinnie Hacker — and she isn’t a huge fan of fans “shipping” them together.

Nailea Devora went from breaking her school’s dress code in a viral YouTube video to becoming a mainstream presence on TikTok… but her humorous content isn’t all that fans are focused on.

In fact, many onlookers are more interested in Nailea’s relationship with Vinnie Hacker, as the two have appeared in each other’s social media posts and other content together, seeming to have a friendly and comfortable connection.

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This has spawned a slew of rumors regarding the two influencers, which Nailea addressed during an interview with Dixie D’Amelio on a July 11 episode of her Early Late Night Show.

“I always have seen him as a friend,” she said of the matter. “We kind of have the same sense of humor, so it’s always been super friendly.”

Dixie then brought up the subject of shipping, noting that Nailea and Vinnie have been shipped together by fans for some time now, and asked her what that was like, considering her close friendship with the victorious TikTok boxer.

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“It definitely does make you a little uncomfortable, because it’s with the other person — like, you both are receiving that and seeing a lot of comments and stuff,” Nailea continued. “It’s a little weird. But I think it’s never gotten between our friendship or anything. We’ve always been super cool about it. We both laugh about it. It’s always just been friendly.”

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This isn’t the first time the duo has been asked about their relationship with each other; in April, Vinnie claimed that Nailea was “just a really good friend” of his when approached by paparazzi.

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Despite fans’ hopes, it seems that their favorite ship will never sail — but thankfully, it doesn’t look like the rumors are getting between their friendship.

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