Myth performs disturbingly accurate James Charles & NICKMERCS impressions - Dexerto

Myth performs disturbingly accurate James Charles & NICKMERCS impressions

Published: 20/Oct/2019 0:08

by Virginia Glaze


Ali Kabbani, better known by his online handle Fortnite community’s top streamers – but he’s more than a top player, as shown by his humorous hidden talent.

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The internet is chock full of top personalities, including the likes of YouTube documentarian Shane Dawson, streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys, and makeup mogul Jeffree Star, among others.

However, Myth tried his hand at impersonating a beauty guru of a different kind, giving a hilarious imitation of YouTuber James Charles during a broadcast on October 18.

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TSM Myth, InstagramTSM Myth is one of Fortnite’s top streamers – and he has spot-on impressions of other broadcasters for the game, too.

In keeping with Charles’ signature personality and “sister” slogan, Myth’s impression of the beauty tuber was spot-on, including his unique vocal intonations and YouTube intro for a faux makeup launch.


“Hey Sisters,” Myth parroted. “So today I have a brand-new makeup line that I would be so excited to share with you guys today.”

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That wasn’t his only celebrity impression, either: Myth also copied popular Fortnite streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff in a gut-busting segment that saw his entire body language change, with the streamer kneeling to place his head just out of frame of the camera as though in an intense Duos game.

“I swear to god, my house – guess what?” he began, giving his voice a deep gravel to sound just like the streaming star. “There’s a bear in the stars, dude. In the stars, bro. No sh*t! …we’re gonna get this dub, I’m going for high ground.”


Myth continued his fake Fortnite game before shouting “HONAYYY!” in perfect NICKMERCS style, going on to comment on what the streamer would probably think of his impression, should he come across the clip.

“MERCS doesn’t eat apple sauce, brah,” he continued. “If he saw me doing this sh*t, he’d call me a b**ch.”

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While both Mercs and Charles have yet to respond to Myth’s humorous impersonations, these moments are just two of many gut-busting instances from his own broadcast, with the streamer known for getting a laugh out of his audience due to his unpredictable hijinks.