Myth explains why it feels like he “pulled the lotto” with Twitch career

Andrew Amos
Myth with hands up on Twitch streamTwitch: Myth

Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani was once the King of Fortnite. However, long after his legacy on the game has faded into history, he’s still managed to keep his place at the top of Twitch. How, do you ask? He just got lucky and “pulled the lotto.”

Myth’s streaming career has been up-and-down, to say the least. Once, he was at the top of Twitch, with people tuning in across the world as he made his place in Fortnite.

However, as he fell off the map, so did his fanbase. He needed some time to adapt. Instead, he started building a community around his personality. It’s paid off.

The TSM star streamer is still relatively grounded with his successes though. He took some time to take it in on a recent stream ⁠— wondering just how he got away with his Twitch success heist.

“Honestly, I’ve done a great job of keeping my Twitch career going. I’m talking the top of Fortnite, to the bottom of the barrel, and hey, we’re still here dude,” he said triumphantly on a September 24 stream.

Myth looking into camera on Twitch streamTwitch: Myth
Myth went from Fortnite star, to rock bottom, to variety king on Twitch.

Myth claimed that while he was at the top of Fortnite, he wasn’t actually good at the game ⁠— everyone else was just bad as they picked up the battle royale. However, it was enough of a base that he could build off, and he even said he “didn’t even have to try.”

“Other streamers had to be pros and actually be good at the game that they play. I was a pro, I was sh*t, and I’m still here baby. I really pulled the f**king lotto card on you b*tches. I don’t know how I did it, I didn’t even have to try.”

He even joked that he still gets people flocking to his stream to say he’s a Fortnite god, which he indulges in, even if only to keep up the “immersion.” However, he couldn’t be any happier with where he landed with streaming.

“I don’t know what it is. Y’all find me funny I don’t know. I’ll still have the occasional ‘Myth you’re good at Fortnite’ ⁠— that’s cap, but I ain’t gonna ruin the immersion, thanks bro. If that’s what you think brother, take it.”

The honorary TSM Valorant “coach” and Among Us pro still ranks in the cash, with nearly 4,000 current subs, and over 5,000 tuning in to his every stream.

He’s doing well for himself where so many fell off, and while he’s grateful for his success, he also realizes it took him a dash of luck too.