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Myth explains how he ‘clutched up’ for xQc at TwitchCon

Published: 30/Sep/2019 13:05 Updated: 30/Sep/2019 13:19

by Connor Bennett


Team SoloMid star Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani shared the hilarious story of how he helped Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel get out of a jam after he broke his phone at TwitchCon. 

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While they’re competing for views and subscribers, Twitch streamers regularly strike up friendships with their fellow broadcasters. We’ve seen Dr Disrespect and Shroud go back and forth over battle royale titles, creating perhaps the biggest friendly rivalry on the streaming platform.

Yet, an unexpected friendship has blossomed between TSM’s Myth and former Overwatch professional xQc after Myth started pulling out Fortnite star is even helping xQc get out of sticky situations by ‘clutching up’ for him.


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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc swapped professional Overwatch for Twitch and has proven to be a huge star.

During his time at the streaming convention in San Diego, California, xQc revealed that he had managed to break his phone and had glass shards hitting his hand whenever he tried to use it. 

However, he was saved by Myth who managed to get him a brand new phone to replace the broken one. The popular variety streamed claimed that Myth had “clutched up” in doing so, before sending out his love and thanks. 

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Of course, upon returning to his own stream after the event, Myth was asked by his fans about his interactions with his fellow streamer. “Felix was so happy dude,” the streamer explained, when talking about the phone exchange. 


Yet, when quoting xQc, Myth couldn’t help but break into his near-perfect impression. “Actually dude? Thank you dude!” he said in xQc’s infamous tone. “Then he gave me a hug, and he was like, oh my god, this is perfect dude – and then he gave me another hug.”

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The Fortnite star even took time out of his explanation to reveal how his fellow streamer had actually managed to break the original phone. 

Myth jumped out of his seat, mimicked all of xQc’s usual on-stream hand movements, before walking over to an open space in his room and doing a jumping twist – adding that the phone had hit the ground while he was in mid-air.


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While the pair have struck up their relationship, they haven’t jumped into games of Overwatch or Fortnite together on-stream just yet. 

If, or when, they do, though, it should prove to be an interesting watch for fans who try and figure out which xQc is actually talking.