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Myth breaks down after reaching important Twitch viewership milestone

Published: 13/Oct/2019 18:55 Updated: 13/Oct/2019 22:59

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani was overwhelmed with emotion during his Fortnite stream on October 13 after he hit a certain viewership milestone for the first time in a while.

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Myth boasts one of the biggest channels on Twitch, amassing a huge following with his popular Fortnite streams. He’s also performs comical impressions of other personalities on the streaming platform.

However, the battle royale player got extremely emotional during his October 13 broadcast, when he realized that he had over 30,000 viewers in his stream, and the moment left him in tears as he thanked his audience.

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Myth hits crazy amount of viewers

The Team SoloMid star had just started up a game of Fortnite when a player in his group informed him that his stream had just hit 30,000. “By the grace of God, I guess, and [the] lovely people that want to watch my stream. Holy sh*t!” he exclaimed in shock.

When one of his friends joked “I wouldn’t call them lovely…” Myth shot back. “Stop it! They are all lovely people. I’m actually getting really emotional!” he paused, before exhaling as he took the moment in.

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After having time to sort his thoughts on it, the Twitch star finally addressed his audience. “The past year and a half has been the most wild experience of my life, and obviously I let down a lot of people in the Fortnite community not being able to play competitively.”


Myth than began to choke up with tears. “But um, you know, not meeting the expectations people wanted me to do…” he said, covering his eyes as he cried. 

“For the longest time I was really really sad about going live, because it just didn’t feel good. And I’ve been working really hard to flip things around. So it really means a lot that so many people are here right now.”

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The Fortnite pro was referencing his stream’s viewership numbers that had peaked in mid 2018 with 37k views, but has fluctuated up and down throughout 2019 despite gaining close to three million followers by 2019, according to TwitchTracker.


The Twitch star has seen a resurgence in the last two months, as his streams have been gaining more viewers alongside his insane follower growth.

TwitchTrackerThe Twitch star’s views have fluctuated since 2018, but he’s seen a resurgence in 2019.
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Myth continues to be one of the most popular personalities on Twitch, and with his comedic sense of humor, to his Fortnite skills, his channel is currently one of the most followed on the streaming platform.

As of the time of this article, the Team SoloMid star has over 5.4 million followers, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.