Myth and Valorant teammates "bully" xQc with perfect impressions

by Brent Koepp
Twitch: xQcOW / Myth



Twitch star Felix 'xQc' Lengyel was in the middle of a match in Valorant, when his teammates and Ali 'Myth' Kabbani hilariously trolled him by becoming 'clones' of the Overwatch pro.

xQc continues to be one of the most-watched personalities on Twitch, as the Canadian's fast talking rants and explosive personality have made him must-see entertainment on the platform.

However during his April 12 broadcast, TSM Myth and fellow teammates unanimously began to mimic the streamer's signature voice style, and it's one of the funniest things you will see all week.


xQc trolled by Valorant teammates impersonating him

The streamer's match had just started when he dropped a gun for Myth and quickly said, "I have one for you sell it, sell it, sell it." The Fortnite personality replied by mimicking his fast speech, exclaiming "Okay sell it, dude!"

His teammates followed suit and began to repeatedly say "dude dude dude!" in unison. xQc then shot back jokingly, "I buy your gun, I take you in, I nourish you, dude. And you f**king make fun of my speech impediment. F**k you, man!"

He screamed over his teammates until everyone stopped. Then the TSM star continued, "Chat listen, dude. I'm xQc's conscience, dude.  I've been trying to talk to you guys for a while. I'm suffering inside, dude. Help me out! Please!" The xQc replied with, "I'm being bullied, dude. Yikes."


Myth kept showing off his spot-on impersonation as the Twitch star sat in silence listening. "I can't stop saying dude, dude. I think I have issues, dude" he said aloud, cracking jokes at his friend.

Just when it seemed the impressions were about to stop, another teammate jumped in and loudly exclaimed, "All I wanted to say, dude!" before breaking into laughter.

This isn't the first time Myth has impersonated the Twitch star. In fact he's actually pretty damn good at it, and has perfected his impression over many broadcasts to incredible accuracy.


The whole thing was in good fun of course, as the two have a history together in regards to the impression. xQc himself has in the past reacted to Myth's incredible take on him. "That's pretty good!" he said.

The Canadian continues to crush it on the streaming platform, regularly pulling in 30-40k viewers a broadcast. At the time of writing, he's amassed over 2.8 million followers to his channel.