Music fans roast Chase Hudson after he’s named one of the best singers of all time

Chase Hudson in front of leavesInstagram: lilhuddy

Chase Hudson a.k.a. Lil Huddy was named the ninth-best singer of all time by Barstool – but not everyone agreed with his inclusion on the list.

Lil Huddy is a 19-year-old social media star who first became known on short-form video platform TikTok where he now has over 32 million followers.

He’s also a singer, and has released several hits including ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ ‘Don’t Freak Out,’ and his album ‘Teenage Heartbreak.’

On January 10, Barstool caused a stir when they released their list of the top 10 male singers of all time, which featured artists like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and more.

Chase was also featured at ninth place, right before Bob Dylan in 10th.

The ranking caused outrage online, with many pointing out who they think should have been on the list instead. Hudson’s inclusion in particular generated a heavy amount of criticism.

“Cancel Barstool Sports right tf now please,” one user wrote, another saying: “Chase Hudson above Freddie Mercury, Billy Joel, John Lennon, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John… and don’t even get me started on the rest of the list.”

Instagram comments about Lil HuddyInstagram: creatorflix
Lil Huddy’s appearance on the list caused outrage across social media.

However, others suspected that they were just trolling with the list, with one Twitter user saying: “Mfs really taking this serious LIL HUDDY IS ON THE LIST.”

There was similar backlash back in November when TikTok sensation Addison Rae, who has also released a song and is working on new music, was included in Barstool’s list of the top ten female singers of all time.

People had a similar reaction to Addison making an appearance on the list, flooding the post with comments naming the artists they thought should have been there instead of her.

Although many believe Lil Huddy’s inclusion on the top 10 male singers list wasn’t supposed to be serious, there were no doubt some fans of the star who were pleased to see him make an appearance.