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MrBeast’s impressive real-life Star Wars lightsaber leaves fans mind-blown

Published: 2/Apr/2022 14:07

by Shay Robson


YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has unveiled his real-life Star Wars lightsaber, and fans are going absolutely nuts requesting him to destroy all sorts of things with it.

With close to 100M subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast is among the best content creators on the platform. When it comes to his videos, he’s undoubtedly owning the game with his ambitious projects that continue to get bigger and bigger.

Many will recall Donaldson’s impressive Squid Game recreation, which was the fastest non-music video to reach 100 million views, and also helped him break the record for most subscribers gained in one day.


Arguably more remarkable, the philanthropic YouTuber has revealed his real-life Star Wars lightsaber, and fans have some entertaining ideas of what he should do with it.

MrBeast teases project bigger than squid game video
YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation is one of his most impressive videos to date.

While just about anyone can buy a replica lightsaber, YouTuber Hacksmith Industries went viral in late 2020 with his real-life lightsaber that can “cut through literally anything” as it reaches a high temperature of 4000°F (2200°C)

Now, MrBeast has his hands on it as showcased in an April 1 tweet where he revealed his new toy that would make any kid or Star Wars fan jealous.

The best part is that the popular YouTube creator has asked his millions of fans what to do with it. And, of course, the internet has some wild ideas.


A friend and fellow creator Jacksepticeye had one of the more ludicrous ideas out of the mix. “Start cutting people’s toes off one by one. The last one to tap out wins $1M,” he said.

Minecraft star Tubbo suggested that he try and cook some food with the lightsaber, which would be quite a different use for it.

Others were just shocked that MrBeast owned an actual working lightsaber: “I’m sorry did you just say working lightsaber?”

Whatever Jimmy decides to do with the lightsaber, we can only expect it to be outrageous and up to par with his other fascinating videos.