MrBeast’s Feastables responds to claims that sweepstakes are rigged

Feastables rigged feature imageFeastables by MrBeast

Following claims that MrBeast’s new Willy Wonker-esque sweepstakes are rigged, Dexerto talked with a Feastables representative to debunk these rumors.

Feastables is MrBeast’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor where the YouTube megastar sells his own brand of chocolate bars. The twist? Each bar comes with a code you can use to enter the Feastables sweepstakes.

Of course, other creators have turned redeeming these codes into their own content. However, due to the low chance of winning a prize or offer, Feastables patrons began to speculate whether or not the sweepstakes are rigged.

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Dexerto was able to talk with Feastables’ Head of Product and Growth Ben Acott to help clarify why people seem to be losing so frequently. He also provided insight into how the sweepstakes work and what are the chances of actually winning.

feastables promo jimmyFeastables by MrBeast
Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has launched his own Willy Wonka-style chocolate bars.

Feastables is a numbers game of pure chance

Customers have started claiming that the Feastables sweepstakes is rigged due to the number of consecutive losses they incur. But Acott explains that the sweepstakes are “impossible to hack or rig.” Winning a prize is “pure chance” and the astronomical number of bars sold and codes redeemed make it highly unlikely you’ll win.

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Of the $1million prize pool, Acott reports that just over $436k in prizes have been distributed. Over 35,000 people have received Feastables prizes ranging from merch, candy bars, Beast Burger codes, Beats by Dre, and $10k in cash.

This sounds promising, but here’s where the stats reveal how low the odds of winning are. Without giving a specific number, Acott stated that millions of bars have been sold over the last five weeks. Of those bars, less than 200k codes have been redeemed.

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Without the exact number of codes entered and prizes won, we can’t calculate the actual chance of winning. However, with the data given, each code has roughly a 17% chance of winning a prize. But, you have a 100% chance of being entered in the grand prize drawing.

MrBeast in front of Feastables chocolate barsNight Media / Feastables
Feastables bars come in three flavors: Original, Crunch, and Almond

Feastables grand prize details

Each code entered is not only a chance to win an Instant Win prize but also acts as an entry into Sweepstakes drawings. These drawings are how the winners of the larger prizes are determined e.g. competing in a MrBeast video, a Tesla Model 3, and SeaDoos.

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“We have 4 drawings of these sweepstakes which are completely randomized,” stated Acott, “We wish we could give every entrant a prize, but it’s simply a numbers game.”

The biggest prize up for grabs is one of 10 spots in an upcoming MrBeast video. All 10 competitors are randomly selected via the Feastables sweepstakes and will compete to own MrBeast’s chocolate factory.

At the time of writing, two contestants have been selected. With the number of bars sold and codes redeemed increasing, the chances of being one of the final eight selected are shrinking.

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feastables promo image 2Feastables by MrBeast
Feastables sweepstakes are offering a prize pool worth $1,000,000

You can see a list of Feastables prizes still up for grabs here. While you’re waiting for your name to be drawn, check out what Logan Paul thinks of MrBeast’s new chocolate bars.

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