MrBeast’s Feastables prize draw called “rigged” with constant “no wins”

mrbeast feastables rigged arcade matt

Content king Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has just released his new Willy Wonka style candy bars, but patrons of Feastables are calling the accessible snack competition rigged.

On January 30, MrBeast announced his new business/content endeavor: Feastables. He explained in his announcement video that the company’s first product would be a line of plant-based candy bars. They come in three flavors – Original, Crunch, and Almond.

The candy also has a content element as each bar comes with a code that customers can enter on the Feastables website. Each code unlocks a spin on a virtual prize wheel that boasts $1 million in prizes.

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However, the real prize is the chance to be featured in a MrBeast video. Each code counts as an entry into a drawing for a chance to win a real-life chocolate factory. But it seems as if Feastables patrons aren’t impressed with the initial prize draw.

mrbeast feastables sweepstakesFeastables by MrBeast
MrBeast Feastables sweepstakes boasts over $1,000,000 in prizes.

Patrons claim MrBeast Feastables is rigged

As with anything MrBeast is involved in, other YouTubers have found a way to make content out of Feastables. Content Creators, like Arcade Matt, have posted reviews of the candy bars and videos of them redeeming their codes.

Nonetheless, Matt and his viewers didn’t get the bang for the buck they were hoping for. After entering 1o codes and only winning a “secret video” on his first entry, Matt called the experience “sussy”.

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A look at the comments revealed that he wasn’t the only one to constantly hit the “no wins” section of the prize wheel. In fact, several comments recounted an identical experience of winning a video on the first spin followed by 9 losses.

“Getting a “not win” so many times in a row, even though there are only two not win panels confirms that this thing is rigged to high heaven.” one comment read. “My son bought a 10 box and had the exact same result.  First code won a video and 2-10 were all losers!”

Some comments thanked Matt for the video so they wouldn’t “waste money” on buying the bars. Others mentioned videos from creators who had the exact same experience.

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One comment claimed, according to the website’s code, “Even though it’s a wheel, I think it is a fixed wheel. [It] just adds a visual flashy effect.” Another user claimed he lost 15 times in a row without even winning a second secret video.

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