MrBeast turns Minecraft into sports for $100k challenge

MrBeast Minecraft challengeYouTube: MrBeast: Mojang Studios

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson had players running for their hockey sticks and pucks in his latest Minecraft YouTube challenge in which $100k was up for grabs.

When he’s not building a $3.5 million Squid Game recreation or setting up an epic game of hide-and-seek, YouTuber MrBeast is known for challenging his friends to an insane Minecraft challenge of some sort.

For example, in one video he made all the animals and mobs in the game 10x bigger and set up a 1,000-player manhunt across Earth.

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In his latest gaming video set around Minecraft, Donaldson had players battle it out for glory in a number of challenges, including an intense hockey game showdown.

MrBeast in front of a cartoon themed Minecraft worldYouTube: MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast regularly sets up Minecraft challenges for his friends with a big cash prize for the winner.

MrBeast’s Minecraft hockey gets intense

On April 24, Donaldson uploaded a YouTube video where he arranged for a group of his friends to fight against one another in a series of mini-games in Minecraft. With a total of $100,000 up for grabs, it’s no surprise that the challenge got intense.

One particularly stressful moment was during a Minecraft hockey game, of all things. Splitting his friendship group into Red Team and Blue team, Donaldson started things off by offering $10k for the leader of the first team to score a goal.

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There were some close calls from both teams, with Red cutting it close with a near-goal. However, the Blue team managed to kick the puck out of their side of the field to score a goal and win the game.

Another challenge in the video included a Deal or No Deal-like archery game where players had to shoot at targets with mystery cash prizes behind them. After eliminating each target, the player got to keep whatever the cash prize was left at the end.

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The game proved especially crushing for Donaldson’s friend Joe who wrecked his chances of winning the top prize of $100k after hitting the target towards the end of his game. Yet, he still walked away with a decent $4,000.

MrBeast and Minecraft clearly continues to be a match made in heaven for his fans. Meanwhile, we are eagerly waiting for his next wild project with his fellow YouTuber Ludwig.

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