MrBeast team addresses MrBeast Token “scam” targeting fans

YouTube: MrBeast

The team behind MrBeast have responded to fans getting “scammed” by fake fan tokens that bear his name, saying its like “chasing ghosts” when reporting them.

Over the last year or so, the internet has become increasingly infatuated by cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the like as people look to hop onto the Web3 wave as early adopters.

Plenty of content creators and personalities have gotten involved with investments of their own and the increased interest in blockchain technology has landed some of the internet’s biggest names in hot water.

In some cases, content creators have come under fire for promoting investments in coins that have led to significant financial loss. Though, in the case of MrBeast, his name has been used to promote tokens that he has no say in, and it’s becoming a problem.

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MrBeast team responds to “fake” fan token scam

If you’ve heard about the MrBeast Fan Token, you could be forgiven for thinking that the YouTuber is involved with it. These tokens have promoted everything he’s about – including giving back to the community.

However, he has no involvement in them, and some have recently crashed in value, leading to fans losing a fair chunk of change. “Fake MrBeast fan tokens are popping up every week. I’m sure some of you have seen one or two of these fake MrBeast tokens recently,” MrBeast’s manager Reed Duchscher posted on LinkedIn.

“Obviously, Jimmy and I hate seeing his fans getting scammed, but other than reporting them there’s not much we can do to stop these situations from happening. We’ve tried going the legal route, but for the most part it’s like chasing ghosts.”

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Screenshot via LinkedIn
MrBeast’s manager responded to the “scams” around the Fan Tokens.

Duchscher noted that they aren’t “exactly sure what the solution is” but the value of the tokens is plummeting, which leaves fans out of pocket after being duped.

It’s another example of being wary about what streamers are linked to. Unless they’re promoting it themselves, they’re probably not involved.