MrBeast sends YouTuber to private island to find secret treasure but there’s a twist

an image of mr beastYouTube: Mr Beast

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson sent YouTuber Matthew Beem to a mysterious island with promises of finding an exciting secret, but it ended up being a twist that Beem didn’t see coming. 

Entrepreneur and YouTuber MrBeast has no shortage of elaborate tricks up his sleeve. From rolling out a replica Willy Wonka factory to an incredible Squid Game-inspired competition, the content creator has done pretty much everything.

Throwback to August 2020, and he even acquired a private island for a few videos. Though, he hadn’t used it for anything until recently.

Fellow YouTuber Matthew Beem set sail in hopes of discovering a major treasure left behind by MrBeast, but there was a twist in the tale.

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MrBeast trolls YouTuber with brilliant hidden “treasure”

Beem followed instructions from Donaldson that led him to the location that has become known as “MrBeast Island.” Beem headed there after MrBeast relayed the following message: “On my island is a buried treasure chest, I may or may not have buried it, but there’s a treasure chest there. Matthew, good luck finding it.”

The island itself had “beaches with pigs, two different caves” and more awaiting Beem, but just what treasure was actually awaiting him?

After days of camping out in the tropical paradise, Beem finally came across a treasure chest that contained a letter: “Congratulations, now subscribe to MrBeast.”

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The treasure chest contained nothing more than sand, leading Beem to enter a state of confusion.

“It’s just filled with sand…everybody watching this video subscribe to MrBeast, subscribe to me for the effort,” said Beem as his journey came to a close.

In the build-up to finding the treasure chest, Beem and his collaborators had attempted to light their own campfire and brave the wild.

MrBeast is always concocting legendary events, so who knows, perhaps a second retreat to the deserted island is on the cards for a future video.