MrBeast roasts LCS after Doublelift banned from co-streaming League matches

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YouTube king Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has hit out at the LCS after learning that Riot banned Doublelift from co-streaming pro matches after criticizing and claiming the league is dying.

On July 14, retired League of Legends pro Yiliang ‘Peter’ Peng received a temporary ban from co-streaming the LCS.

According to the ADC star, the surprise ban was due to his comments claiming that “the LCS is dying” after rumors emerged that Riot blocked Team Liquid’s Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg from competing in the MrBeast vs Ninja Charity tournament.

Many jumped to Doublelift’s defense after he broke the news to his fans. Twitch star Tyler1 even chimed in, who slammed the LCS as “miserable” and called the ban a blessing in disguise. Now, even MrBeast has given his thoughts on the situation.

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Ninja and MrBeast went head to head in their League of Legends tournament on July 9.

During Doublelift’s broadcast on July 14, the popular League of Legends player admitted he was suspended from co-streaming the LCS.

While it’s unclear exactly how long the ban will last, the streamer did confirm it was for criticizing the league. Upon hearing about the situation, MrBeast shared his thoughts in a tweet.

Seemingly confused by the fact Doublelift was punished, the popular YouTuber criticized Riot’s decision. “This is a thing? Not letting people criticize the LCS is a phat L,” said the YouTuber

Previously MrBeast has shown keen interest in joining the LCS franchise system with his very own organization. Despite his content not primarily revolving around gaming, he revealed it’s his ‘life goal’ to own a League of Legends team.

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While it’s certainly an ambitious goal, MrBeast has proved time and time again that nothing is out of his limits. However, perhaps he’ll be rethinking his goals after this recent controversy.