MrBeast reveals TV commercial for Feastables chocolate that was refused airtime

. 29 days ago
Mr Beast with Feastables chocolates spread out before him
YouTube: MrBeast

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson tweeted out an ad he and his team had made for TV before it got knocked back by the censorship board for non-compliance.

MrBeast is an international sensation. The philanthropic efforts of the creator and his crew have built up an astonishing 100million+ subscribers across multiple channels in multiple languages.

A massive part of what makes Jimmy so entirely watchable is the man’s drive to always push for bigger and better things. Not content with smashing records for insane recreation of the Willy Wonka chocolate factory dominating Youtube, or his record breaking Squid Game remake.

Now, catching the spotlight again, Donaldson is drawing attention to an ad for Television he created for his chocolate brand ‘Feastables‘. Revealing to Twitter that the ad was rejected for airtime due to ‘non-compliance.’

Non-compliance is a term used by the FCC for a catch-all for anything that breaks their extensive rules about what is able to be shown on Broadcast TV.

Within the ad Donaldson directly starts with a close up of a Hershey bar before declaring that “honestly, it doesn’t taste that great.”

This level of firing at another company making the exact product you’re trying to sell, while working excellently for generating buzz, is what appears to be the reason for the FCC’s rejection of the ad.

As pointed out by fellow ‘giveaway’ content creator MrHumanity, “you used a major companies product & logo” while stipulating “Even major brands don’t do that in their own commercials.”

In a follow-up tweet, MrBeast doubled down by disparaging TV advertising as a medium. Saying he thinks “tv commercials suck. Just wanted to compare how bad commercials were for sales lol“.

In the final moments of the ad, Donaldson also posted a fake ‘fineprint’ with statemetns like “Why are you reading this?” and “All of this is fake”.

Whether or not he’ll go back to the drawing board for a TV friendly ad remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely that MrBeast will let this hiccup stop him.



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