MrBeast responds to backlash after buying homes for his staff

MyBeast responds to criticismInstagram: MrBeast

MrBeast has responded to the backlash he received after revealing he’d bought a whole neighbourhood for his staff to live in.

Earlier in May 2023, it was revealed that hit YouTuber MrBeast had bought a whole neighbourhood of houses in North Carolina for his staff members to live in.

Since the news broke, MrBeast has received a lot of backlash regarding this, with people comparing it to a cult. One person even wrote on Twitter: “that sounds very culty lol.”

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One person tweeted about the news and said: “What a nice man, surely a CEO buying homes and creating neighborhoods for their employee’s families has no historical relevance or background at all.”

MrBeast replied to the tweet and wrote: “Only I could get canceled for giving people a place to live with no strings attached.. All these company town tweets make no sense, I was just helping some people.”

MrBeast bought a neighbourhood just for his staff

The neighborhood in question is located in the southeastern suburbs of Greenville, North Carolina, close to where MrBeast grew up.

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The New York Post reported that the purchase had been done as a way for MrBeast’s staff to have a stress-free accommodation on his budget, while theoretically boosting productivity in reducing commute time. It will be up to each member of staff to choose if they’d like to move in.

Despite the generous offer, several people have taken to social media to express their criticism, saying it sounds too much like a cult.

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