MrBeast & Ninja announce $150K LoL competition: How to watch, schedule, streams, more

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Ultimate Crown MrBeast vs Ninja LoL event
Crown Channel

Internet superstars MrBeast and Ninja are set to lock horns in a whopping $150,000 League of Legends competition. From where it takes place to how you can watch, here’s all there is to know about the Ultimate Crown event.

  • Ultimate Crown event set for Saturday, July 9.
  • MrBeast & Ninja serving as team captains.
  • Best of three series hosted in Las Vegas.

Two of the biggest social media celebrities are set to go head to head in a unique League of Legends tournament as MrBeast and Ninja will soon be duking it out for $150,000.

Both content creators will be leading their own teams into battle at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas in what’s being labeled the “ultimate matchup.”

If you’re eager to tune in and watch these juggernauts settle their beef on Summoner’s Rift, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown on all there is to know.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event: Streams & Schedule

As both personalities have their own enormous platforms, this $150K LoL competition is set to be hosted on an even playing field through the Crown Channel. We’ve embedded this Twitch stream above so you can tune in right here on the day.

Speaking of which, the MrBeast vs Ninja Ultimate Crown event is set to kick off at 4PM PT on Saturday, July 9. While there’s a chance it runs long depending on results, the event is currently listed with a three-hour runtime.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event: Format

As MrBeast made clear in his own announcement, the $150K Ultimate Crown event boasts a standard best of three format. Either creator must lead their team to two map wins in order to take out the overall victory.

From beyond the arena itself, fans online appear to have some influence over the outcome too. Viewers on Twitch can spam custom emotes to supposedly “influence the matches in real-time,” the official Prime Gaming blog outlined.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear how the prize pool may be split, or whether it’s going to a charitable cause.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event: Teams & Players

While MrBeast and Ninja will both serve as captains, there’s currently no telling who might join them in the fight for $150K.

Although exact names haven’t been locked in, we do know for certain that both will be joined by an “all-star lineup of gamers, streamers, and their friends.” Thus, it’s safe to expect plenty of big names jumping into the mix alongside MrBeast and Ninja.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted right here once further details emerge for the Ultimate Crown event.

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