Team MrBeast sweeps Team Ninja in “upset of the century” during $150K LoL competition

mrbeast beat team ninja

Internet superstar and LoL underdog MrBeast swept Team Ninja during the best of three $150k League of Legends charity competition on July 9.

  • Team MrBeast won the best of three charity competition
  • Ninja wagered $50k on a third round
  • Team Ninja came back for revenge during the bonus third game

Two of the biggest social media celebrities went head to head in a unique League of Legends tournament as MrBeast and Ninja duked it out for $150,000.

Both content creators led their own teams into battle at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas in what’s being labeled the “ultimate matchup.”

The evening featured competitive gameplay, a surprising upset, and a brutal round 3 to cap off the night.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event: Streams & Schedule

The event was broadcast live from the Crown Twitch channel on July 9 at 4 PM PT. However, for those who missed it, the entire four-hour broadcast is up on the channel to watch.

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The matches themselves took place during the last three hours of the broadcast with the first match kicking off around the one-hour and 30-minute mark.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event: Format

As MrBeast made clear in his own announcement, the $150K Ultimate Crown event boasts a standard best of three format. Either creator must lead their team to two map wins in order to take out the overall victory.

From beyond the arena itself, fans online appear to have some influence over the outcome too. Viewers on Twitch can spam custom emotes to supposedly “influence the matches in real-time,” the official Prime Gaming blog outlined.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event: Teams & Players

While MrBeast and Ninja will both serve as captains, they’re set to be joined by a number of popular LoL pros and Twitch streamers.

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Although a few players are still yet to be locked in, we do know some of the big names joining the squads. Below is a look at both teams.

Team Beast Team Ninja
MrBeast Ninja
Emiru Doublelift
Mizkif Ludwig
Yassuo Sapnap
Voyboy Tyler1

MrBeast sweeps Ninja in best of 3 match

Going into the event, and after a considerable amount of trash talk, Team Ninja was the favored to win. However, it didn’t take long for Team MrBeast to show they weren’t there to play games.

Ninja was the first blood of the entire event which led to a 35 to 21 kill game in favor of MrBeast ending in just 33 minutes.

Team MrBeast picked up the pace in game two quickly racking up 26 kills to Team Ninja’s 12. Demolishing Team Ninja in less than 25 minutes, MrBeast took home the Ultimate Crown.

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Ninja offers bonus third match for $50K

Of course, Ninja’s competitive spirit wouldn’t let MrBeast walk away without a fight. After a brutal defeat, Tyler Blevins offered up a third-round putting $50K on the line for charity.

Accepting the offer, both teams hopped into game three. Looking for blood, Ninja sunk his teeth into MrBeast at the 7-minute 30 mark. Fifteen minutes later, Team Ninja would wipe the floor with MrBeast earning a team kill pushing their lead to 19 kills to MrBeast’s 9.

Five minutes after that, Team Ninja would march their way to victory, eliminating Mizkif, Voyboy, and MrBeast on their trek to victory.

While not on the same level as an official League of Legends championship, the charity stream peaked at just shy of 100K concurrent viewers. And with $200k donated to charity, the legendary event was a massive success.

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