MrBeast made an actual Battle Bus as a gift for FaZe Tfue

by Virginia Glaze
Fortnite, Epic Games / MrBeast, YouTube


Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson stole Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue away from his stream for a few hours on December 3 - and now, fans finally know why.


MrBeast transformed a yellow school bus into an actual Battle Bus from the massively popular battle royale title Fortnite, even pimping out the inside of the vehicle with gaming setups, merch, and a bunk bed.

MrBeast teamed up with Tfue’s brother, ‘JOOGSQUAD,’ to pull off the stunt, taking the bus on a 20-hour road trip from his home in North Carolina all the way to the FaZe Fortnite team house in the Hollywood hills.



While the bus was lacking a hot-air balloon, it nevertheless looks like the spitting image of the vehicle - and Tfue’s reaction to the present was unforgettable.

The team interrupted Tfue’s stream after notifying him that they were a mere 10 minutes away, climbing through his window to celebrate the pro’s Victory Royale with a turret - all during a live broadcast. They then blindfolded the gamer and led him outside to the bus, making sure to film his incredulous reaction.


The group then drove the bus around - even getting stopped by a traffic cop after parking the bus by the curb to jump into a canal.

Tfue returned to his stream (which still managed to pick up 18,000 viewers, despite his long absence) with a ripped t-shirt, claiming that he merely left for a trip to the bathroom. While MrBeast had Tweeted about a possible collab with the streamer, the two managed to keep it a secret - until now.