MrBeast & Logan Paul reveal honest review of Prime Hydration & Feastables bars

MrBeast and Logan Paul give honst review of Prime Hydration FeastablesInstagram: loganpaul, mrbeast

MrBeast and Logan Paul recently released their very own food and drink products, and decided to give an honest review of each other’s snacks in an unexpected collaboration.

Over the weekend, YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson unleashed his latest business venture that’s raising eyebrows across the net — his very own chocolate bars.

The influencer is going full-on Willy Wonka with this new endeavor, even sending out mystery boxes as possible promo for the new launch; but he isn’t the only YouTuber making money moves lately.

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Weeks prior to MrBeast’s ‘Feastables’ snacking brand, YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI both unleashed their very own sports drink, ‘Prime Hydration.’

MrBeast surrounded by chocolate barsInstagram: mrbeast
MrBeast has already launched his very own fast-food chain, but he’s amping up his business ventures even more with his very own line of chocolate bars.

The big reveal was so successful that the bev completely sold out online mere hours after its initial launch, bringing the hype to an all-time high.

In the midst of these two internet behemoths branching out into the food and beverage industry, they met up with several other high-profile creators for an unknown reason over the final weekend of January 2021.

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Luckily, they are letting fans get a small sneak peek of behind-the-scenes content for this mysterious meetup — some of which showed the creators giving an honest review of each other’s new products.

Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drinkInstagram: KSI, drinkprime
Logan Paul and KSI have joined forces to create a new sports beverage years after their infamous boxing rivalry was put to rest.

MrBeast & Logan Paul review Feastables and Prime Hydration

The short video, posted to Instagram, shows Logan Paul and vlogger Casey Neistat chowing down on MrBeast’s Feastables chocolate bars, with Neistat dubbing the candy a “fancier, cleaner, nicer chocolate.”

Paul seemed to be in total agreement before MrBeast got to take a sip of his Prime Hydration drink — a sports bev that’s 10% coconut water with 850 milligrams of electrolytes.

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MrBeast claimed he was “surprised” by how tasty the drink was, with Neistat voicing a similar sentiment after claiming he much prefers Prime over Gatorade.

“I would tell you if I thought it was horrible,” MrBeast admitted. “It’s not. I’m actually surprised.”


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Fans can cop Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration at most major retailers in the US, with a UK launch set to come soon. MrBeast’s chocolate bars are available to buy online, but only within the United States at the time of writing.

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