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Twitch streamer takes $10k from MrBeast to quit Finger on the App 2 challenge

Published: 22/Mar/2021 14:42 Updated: 22/Mar/2021 14:45

by Connor Bennett


With the viral Finger on the App 2 challenge drawing towards its conclusion, YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has started paying people to quit right before the very end. 

Over the course of the last few years, Mr Beast has become infamous on YouTube for giving away ridiculous sums of money, houses, and even cars to his friends and subscribers.

These giveaways usually come during videos, but he’s done bigger things like his Finger on the App challenges. The premise is simple, contestants download an app, play the mini-games, and hope to keep their finger on their phone for as long as possible.


The first iteration of the challenge was wildly successful, so it’s been brought for Finger on the App 2. As the competition has starting drawing to a close, MrBeast has brought out a classic tactic and offering people cash in exchange for giving up on the grand prize of $100,000.

MrBeast launches app
Instagram: MrBeast
Mr Beast’s FInger on the App challenge has gained plenty of attention.

Streamer quits Finger on the App for $10,000

On March 21, the YouTuber revealed that out of the masses that had signed up to play, less than 10 remained. As a result, some started bargaining with him and saying they’d quit for certain things.

One contestant, DattleB, who had been streaming himself taking part on Twitch, revealed that he’d quit if Mr Beast offered him $10,000, even though he’d been looking at his screen for way over a day.


Well, the YouTuber obliged and gave the streamer and the last remaining contestants a 10-minute window to consider quitting and winning $10,000. DattleB decided that his time was up and he’d take the cash, taking his finger off the app, and thanking everyone for watching.

How many Finger on the App players are left?

However, his exit sparked a flurry of people doing the same thing as well. following him, another three contestants decided to take the money and run.

“Looks like a 4th person just won $10,000 lol,” MrBeast tweeted. “5 people remain!”

Just like the last Finger on the App challenge, the guaranteed cash is enough for some to bow out and not worry about winning the $100,000.


Last time around, MrBeast managed to whittle things down to a final four and gave them all $20,000 each. At the time of writing, he hasn’t done that, but it might be another card for him to play. We’ll have to wait and see.