MrBeast handpicks Airrack as next FaZe Clan member

MrBeast inducts Airrack into Faze ClanYouTube: TMG Studios, Airrack

YouTube star MrBeast was invited to the FaZe Warehouse to officially induct the org’s next member — and he chose fellow content creator Airrack.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of the most prominent creators on YouTube. Boasting over 186 million subscribers across 5 separate channels, he’s become a household name for his over-the-top content and expensive projects.

As one of YouTube’s elite, it makes sense that he’d pay attention to other creators on the platform… something that esports and entertainment giant FaZe Clan took notice of.

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FaZe invited Donaldson out to their warehouse in Los Angeles to give him the grand tour of their HQ — but they couldn’t do this without busting his chops a little bit.

FaZe hired a mariachi band, a group of elderly actors, and even rented out some baby goats, all of which they placed in separate rooms throughout the warehouse to throw MrBeast off his game.

MrBeast chooses FaZe Clan’s next member

At the end of the tour, FaZe gave MrBeast the opportunity to choose the next member of their group — a pretty big honor for YouTube’s second-most subscribed influencer.

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After thinking it over for a bit, MrBeast chose Airrack as the next FaZe inductee, and called the YouTuber over the phone to deliver the news. Of course, Airrack accepted, making him the next official member of FaZe Clan.

Airrack is a fairly popular YouTuber, who currently boasts just over 10 million subscribers.

Like MrBeast, Airrack is known for orchestrating wild challenges with pretty big prizes at the end, as seen in his video trapping 100 unsuspecting people in a dark room with the option of winning $10,000 in cash.

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It’s unclear what’s next for Airrack after joining FaZe, but it’s clear that the org has picked up a heavy hitter.

MrBeast’s latest big move follows another major moment for the star, who was recently valued at $20 billion by experts at Valuetainment.

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