MrBeast gives away Feastables chocolate for free and fans instantly crash site

MrBeast announced a surprise flash sale where he gave away his Feastables chocolate bars for free – and the influx of web traffic crashed the website, leaving many sweet teeth unsatisfied.

In January of this year, MrBeast announced his latest business endeavor: a chocolate bar line called Feastables. But of course, the internet celebrity’s brand of snacks would have a Willy Wonka-esque twist.

Each candy bar would come with a code. This code could then be entered on the Feastables website for a chance to win a prize. One of the grand prizes up for grabs was one of ten spots in a MrBeast video, where you would compete for a real Chocolate Factory.

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It’s been nearly four months since Feastables was announced, and there are still three spots remaining. And those spots could be filled soon as MrBeast just concluded a massive Feastables giveaway.

feastables crash landing pageFeastables by MrBeast
Many customers hoping for free chocolate were met with this landing page when the website crashed

MrBeast Feastables giveaway crashes website

On April 15 at 12:09 PM EST, MrBeast randomly posted a discount code for Feastables on Twitter. He stated, “For the next 10 minutes use coupon code ‘FREE’ and get 100% off our Feastables chocolate and free shipping.”

To the surprise of many, the code worked. Customers started to share screenshots of their orders showing a successful checkout with a cost of $0.00. However, a lot of potential buyers weren’t so lucky.

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A few minutes into the sale, users were already experiencing some turbulence on the site. Eventually, due to the influx of users all attempting to check out at once, the website crashed booting them out of checkout screens and back to the main page.

These unlucky shoppers shared their anguish in the replies to MrBeast’s tweet, and before they knew it, the flash sale was over.

MrBeast replied to his own tweet at the 10-minute mark announcing the end of the sale. He also included that he was scared to see how much money Feastables lost. We will update this story if and when he decides to reveal that total.

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Until then, check out what content MrBeast plans to expand into next, and stay tuned for more influencer news.