MrBeast gets over 1 billion views in a single month on YouTube

MrBeast posing on beach with car and beachballMrBeast

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson managed to rack up over 1 billion views across his channels in March as he continues his global dominance of the platform. 

Over the last few years, MrBeast has become one of YouTube’s biggest name thanks to his outrageous videos where he challenges his friends and strangers to complete tasks in order to win money and prizes.

Even though videos on his main channel can be a little infrequent, whenever he drops a new video, Jimmy immediately takes over YouTube and can occupy a spot on the trending page for a few days as everyone flocks to watch what wacky idea he’s come up with this time.

While he’s had some decent success away from the video-sharing platform, mainly with his MrBeast Burger and Team Tress ventures, it’s the videos that keep MrBeast in the spotlight – and he’s had some amazing success recently.

Mr Beast sat in a pile of money.YouTube: Mr Beast
Mr Beast continues to dominate as one of YouTube’s biggest names.

Jimmy, who has stated that it’s his goal to become the biggest YouTuber of all time, has started branching out away from his main channel and now has 10 accounts under his belt – including a few secondary language channels.

In March, those channels managed to combine for over 1 billion views – well, 1,035,525,614 views if you want to be exact using SocialBlade stats – with his main Mr Beast channel chipping in over 275 million views alone.

His secondary language channels have also seen some pretty nice success recently too. The ‘Mr Beast en Espanol’ channel racked up over 167 million in March alone, while his ‘Mr Beast Brasil’ account also chipped in with a touch over 66 million views.

Screenshot of Linkedin post from Mr Beast about YouTube statsScreenshot via LinkedIn
MrBeast touted the success of his new videos in March, but his channel’s overall successes were even more impressive.

The growth isn’t set to stop anytime soon, though, as Donaldson recently revealed that he’ll be starting a Hindi language channel next to go along with his Spanish, French, and Portuguese channels.

He is way on his way to completing his goal of being the biggest YouTuber ever, it seems it’ll just be the case of how high he can set the bar.