MrBeast gave away so much chocolate he had to issue an advisory

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YouTube star MrBeast has sent fans a warning after accidentally giving away too many of his Feastables chocolate bars, crashing his website in the process.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is scrambling to send his fans their chocolate bars after accidentally giving away too many.

On April 15, the YouTube star revealed that he was orchestrating a flash sale for his new line of Feastables chocolate bars, possibly in an attempt to send out a “golden ticket” — a grand prize that would give one lucky buyer the chance to tour MrBeast’s very own chocolate factory.

However, the sale wasn’t your usual BOGO or 50% off. Instead, Donaldson was literally giving away chocolate bars for a period of just ten minutes.

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Unfortunately, the flash sale was a little too successful, as fans literally broke the website.

A few days later, MrBeast sent buyers a mass email telling them that they might be seeing some delays and changes in their chocolate order due to the entire candy-coated debacle.

feastables crash landing pageFeastables by MrBeast
Many customers hoping for free chocolate were met with this landing page.

MrBeast issues advisory email after website-breaking chocolate giveaway

That’s not all; Donaldson also revealed that his team had successfully given away a whopping 1 million chocolate bars as a result of the flash sale.

“Don’t worry, everyone is getting an order shipped over the next few days, but the items may be different or you may get less than the 100 boxes you may have ordered,” the email read.

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The message went on to assure fans that they may mistakenly get a cancellation email and reiterated that everyone will still receive a chocolate order.

MrBeast feastables emailDexerto
YouTube star MrBeast is sending out emails to fans, letting them know their chocolate orders from the flash sale giveaway might be a bit different than they expect.

On the official website, it looks like just about every item is out of stock, with both individual bars and variety packs boasting a “notify when available” notice.

MrBeast feastables website sold
Buyers are met with a notice saying that Feastables bars are currently out of stock.

It’s unclear exactly how much money MrBeast lost out on this endeavor, but it certainly made for an unforgettable moment in internet history.

We’ll just have to wait and see if any of the fans who took advantage of the flash sale ended up with one of the three remaining golden tickets.

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