MrBeast explains how Joe Rogan podcast episode came to be

MrBeast on Joe Rogan podcastSpotify/Joe Rogan

YouTube phenom Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has revealed how his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience came to be, as it just took the classic trick of sliding into his DMs.

Over the last decade, the Joe Rogan Experience has grown into the biggest podcast on the planet, with guests from all walks of life getting the chance to share their stories and views.

Plenty of Rogan’s guests are familiar faces to himself and he usually has a connection with them beforehand, but he’s ventured deep into internet culture at times too – exploring esports, gaming, and even YouTube.

Back in March, the internet was stunned when it was revealed that MrBeast had appeared as a guest, with Rogan praising his meteoric rise on YouTube. Now, the YouTuber has revealed how that all came to be.

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MrBeast reveals how he ended up on Joe Rogan podcast

On September 30, MrBeast appeared on the NELK Boys’ FULL SEND podcast, when he was quizzed about his appearance on the JRE Podcast.

“I think I just shot him a DM on Instagram and then he was like yeah, f*ck yeah, lets do it,” MrBeast said. “He was really cool. Really down to earth, I had a lot of fun.

“He’s almost like a dad. It sounds weird today but that’s exactly how I would put it. I like how he just, you know, objectively wants to learn. That Joe Rogan podcast was f**king crazy for us. Obviously, we all know Joe Rogan is big but I didn’t realize how big he was afterwards when I go into Walmart and these old dudes would be like ‘holy s**t, you were on Rogan’.”

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Despite his self-made success on YouTube, MrBeast further noted that the appearance “did a lot” for himself and his team, helping him grow even further.

He’s unlikely to get a second appearance on the podcast unless he does something really crazy, but you never can really rule things out when it comes to him.