MrBeast confirms he’s launching music career with mystery collab

Andrew Highton
MrBeast talking

There’s no end to MrBeast’s skills it seems as the famous YouTuber now looks to be adding ‘musician’ to his resume after a recent TikTok video teased his fans.

After finally smashing his way through the 100 million subscriber landmark on YouTube and celebrating it in classic MrBeast style, you’d think he would maybe seek some time off to soak in his achievement.

The personality, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has already achieved so much at such a young age, but it seems like MrBeast isn’t content with becoming an exclusive member of the YouTube 100 million club.

A short TikTok video on the social media star’s channel has hinted that bigger things are coming for him and it’s left fans intrigued.

MrBeast music video appearance hinted at

Teasing is the name of the game for MrBeast as he loves to put his fans on the edge of their seat guessing at what the celebrity has in store, whether it’s a crazy, new video idea, or a fresh opportunity.

In just a brief 5-second TikTok video, he managed to generate over 4 million views in just the space of a few hours by asking his fans: “Who do you think I collabed with?”

The opening of his TikTok said: “This is the last time you see me before I…” and then it eventually added: “Launch my music career.”

Who is MrBeast collabing with?

The open-ended nature and vagueness of the post have got fans desperately searching for any clues pointing towards the artist that MrBeast will work with.

The biggest suspicion is that it could be the famous K-Pop band BTS because one of the tags on the video is actually “bts.”

However, we think given the nature of the video’s content, it likely means “behind the scenes” and MrBeast is keeping tight-lipped on the project.

As with most projects involving Jimmy, we imagine he’s hard at work on making sure his official music debut is perfect and who knows, maybe this could begin an eventual transition from YouTube King to music mogul moving forward.