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MrBeast challenge winner shuts down claims YouTuber endangered his mental health

Published: 17/Apr/2022 17:29

by Shay Robson


The winner of the MrBeast prison challenge has responded to claims that the YouTube star endangered his mental health by completely shutting them down.

As he closes in on 100M subscribers, YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson continues to innovate with his creative and sometimes mind-blowing videos that only seem to be getting bigger and better.

In a video from April 9, MrBeast promised $10,000 for every day his participant stayed in the designated room. While the challenge started out relatively easy with a ton of things to do, the catch was that one item would be removed from the room each day.


However, the YouTube philanthropist came under fire as accusations came out that he endangered the participant’s mental health emerged.

MrBeast posing on beach with car and beachball
MrBeast’s videos continue to get bigger and better.

Upon the releasing the video, MrBeast was hit with backlash for “promoting solitary confinement,” which typically causes serious problems for prisoners such as psychosis, memory loss, and suicidal thoughts.

However, the participant himself known as Josh responded to the concerns – shutting them down completely. “I can assure you that they had people watching over me 24/7,” said the participant.

“They made sure I wasn’t in any danger, physically or mentally, they had everything taken care of. It was a great opportunity for me to relax a little bit,” Josh added.


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Josh managed to stick it out for a good few weeks in the room, winning over $300,000 in total. At one point during the challenge, he even sent Chris and Chandler to purchase a ring for his girlfriend, to which he then proposed at the end of the video.