MrBeast Burger is now officially available in the UK


Enterprising YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has announced that the fast food brand bearing his name will finally be available in the UK at several new London locations.

MrBeast is already one of YouTube’s most-subscribed creators thanks to his expensive and philanthropic videos, and in 2020 he debuted a delivery-only fast food chain called MrBeast Burger that quickly became popular with his millions of fans.

Since release, it’s steadily become available in most of the 50 US states, and as of May 10 according to a Tweet from the YouTuber himself, the content creator-themed comfort food is now available in the UK.

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MrBeast Burger’s European takeover starts with five locations, all in London, but the star promised more locations coming soon to the rest of UK, and eventually the continent as a whole.

Now, fans on the other side of the Atlantic can enjoy exclusive menu items including the “dream burger,” and maybe look forward to UK-based creators like Tommyinnit, GeorgeNotFound, and KSI getting their own menu items soon as well.

We didn’t just randomly choose three English content creators out of a hat either, MrBeast specifically mentioned each of them along with the announcement on Twitter.

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Only time will tell exactly who will be the next influencer to get their own item on the MrBeast Burger menu, but George and Tommy at least seemed eager to try it out, even if the latter might have to make a trip, as he doesn’t live in the capital.

MrBeast Burger rolled out across the US fairly quickly compared to a traditional fast food business, since it’s 100% delivery-based, with no brick and mortar locations to build. Thanks to that and possibly major world events over the last year, it was able to expand to almost every state.

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It remains to be seen how long more foreign locations will take to open up, but if the trend continues like it has in the past, Tommy and fans in the rest of the UK/Europe might not have to wait too much longer to give the menu a try.

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