Mr Beast’s girlfriend floored by absolutely insane Valentine’s Day gift

MrBeast, YouTube

YouTube star and internet philanthropist Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson is known for his charitable giveaways and over-the-top content, which he took to the next level for a jaw-dropping Valentine’s Day stunt.

Although the YouTuber had been notably single for his entire career, he finally unveiled his girlfriend “Maddy” in June 2019, effectively shocking the internet with his surprise relationship.

However, Mr Beast had yet to feature his amore in any of his videos — that is, until Valentine’s Day 2020 rolled around.

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Mr Beast, Instagram
Mr Beast revealed his girlfriend to the world in summer 2019, shocking the net.

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As one of YouTube’s top content creators, it comes as little surprise that Donaldson went above and beyond for Maddy’s Valentine’s Day gift, which required two entire trailers’ worth of 50,000 roses each.

He wasn’t going to surprise her with the flowers outright, though: instead, Mr Beast decided to pull a heartwarming “prank” on his girlfriend, telling her that they were invited to a house party later that evening.

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Rather than throwing a house party, though, he instead covered the home with the 100,000 roses from floor-to-ceiling, making for a seriously impressive romantic gesture that will leave just about anyone feeling shown up.

MrBeast, YouTube
YouTube star Mr Beast surprised his girlfriend by filling an entire house to the brim with 100,000 roses.

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That’s not all: Mr Beast even hired a professional florist for further flair, who arranged a series of petals in the shape of ‘The Mandalorian’s’ baby Yoda.

The YouTuber even filmed a short Q & A segment about his relationship, where he revealed that he and Maddy met through Twitter and have been dating for eight months.

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It looks like they’ll be together for quite some time, considering her reaction to his incredible surprise.

“This is the best Valentine’s Day gift ever,” she said, embracing him in a tight hug after touring the petal-strewn house.

Mr Beast, Instagram
Needless to say, Maddy was floored by the romantic gesture, leaving Mr Beast at a loss as to his plans for next year.

Of course, Mr Beast is also known for his environmental exploits, and wouldn’t let the roses go to waste. Instead, he partnered with local farmers to dispose of the flowers, who will turn the plants into compost as fertilizer for their crops.

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With Valentine’s Day in full swing, this YouTuber has definitely outdone himself — although he’s unsure how he (or anyone else, for that matter) can top his latest romantic stunt for next year.

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