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Mr Beast warns of fake YouTube adverts scamming his fans

Published: 10/Aug/2020 15:56 Updated: 13/Aug/2020 11:50

by Alice Hearing


Popular YouTuber and philanthropist Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has warned his fans of a fake YouTube advert that is scamming people out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Mr Beast has more than 39 million subscribers on his YouTube channel thanks to his YouTube videos that mainly see him handing out money to his friends and strangers if they can complete a series of challenges.


Since the YouTuber is known for his philanthropy, it’s not surprising that fans believe that Mr Beast himself is giving away free cash, but not this time.

Mr Beast YouTube
Mr Beast is known for giving away huge amounts of cash

He tweeted: “If you see this ad, it’s not me. I’ve been getting tons of tweets about it and it’s a scam. I will ONLY mention giveaways on my verified accounts. If it’s not verified, it’s not me.”


He added: “Beastcards or whoever the hell you are, stop scamming my fans or I will walk into a lawyers office, hand him $100,000 and say figure out some way to sue this crap company. Idk how legal stuff works but I’ll throw every dollar I have at it.”

The advert in question makes it look as though the YouTuber is offering $100 PlayStation gift cards out for free, and comes from a user called “Beastcards,” a channel with no verification, description or content.

User @JennyPhoenx on Twitter, in a now-deleted tweet, said that she had been scammed already by this person pretending to be Mr Beast, and had both of her bank cards compromised. She shared a screenshot within the thread which showed a conversation with the scammer who asked for $10,000.


Other users have reported receiving messages on Instagram from “Social media department staff at Mr Beast giveaway 2020,” which reads: “Congratulations, for the people I followed today, you were selected as the winner” and claims to give away thousands of dollars and iPhones if you register using a link.

Mr Beast scam on instagram
Twitter: @Ricochet328
A scammer is also targeting users on Instagram

The fake user can be reported by clicking on the flag in the top right corner when you visit the “BeastCards” channel on YouTube.


Logan Paul mindblown after pulling rare Pokemon cards worth $3000

Published: 1/Oct/2020 13:11

by Jacob Hale


Logan Paul has become an avid Pokemon card collector throughout the latter half of 2020, and treated fans of his Impaulsive podcast to watch him open a rare pack, the contents of which he was delighted with.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game originally got going in 1999 and now, over two decades later, is worth more than ever, with rare cards making sellers hundreds of thousands of dollars if they’ve kept their collection in good condition.


He recently revealed some of the collection he had been building up, including a first edition shadowless Charizard that could fetch anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 at auction.

Letting his fans into the hobby, Logan opted to buy a pack of Base Set trading cards for $500 online and opened it live on Impaulsive.

Logan Paul 1st edition Charizard
Instagram: loganpaul
Logan’s 1st edition Charizard is a prized possession.

Obviously, when you’re spending $500 on a single pack of cards, you’ve got to be pretty hopeful of the results, but Paul insisted he always gets his rarest cards from the seller he bought it from.

So, he opened them and revealed each card one-by-one, including a Squirtle which he expects to fetch around $200-300, perhaps more as he believes it to have a PSA grade of 10 — or, the best condition it could possibly be.

Alongside the regular Energy cards and some more Pokemon such as Gastly and Poliwhirl, Paul also packed a Blastoise, again expecting it to be PSA graded 10/10, which he says should fetch around $2500 — meaning the total value of the individual cards could fetch around $3000 if his valuations are correct.


Obviously, the valuations may be slightly off, but Logan has at least made his money back for this pack — and if he’s made a profit then more power to him.

There’s some serious money to be made in the Pokemon Trading Card Game now, especially as it enjoys somewhat of a resurgence of late, so it might be worth digging out those old cards and see what you’ve got laying around: you never know how much money you could be sitting on.