Mr Beast teases new project after reaching “insane” YouTube milestone

Twitter: MrBeast

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson seems to have some of the deepest pockets in the world, and now it looks like the YouTube star will be digging into them again for a bold new project to celebrate hitting 30 million subscribers.

Last October, MrBeast called on the internet to donate for a new project, Team Trees, to celebrate his 20 million subscriber milestone. For every dollar raised, he would plant a tree. With the help of stars like Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, and even Elon Musk, it took less than a month to raise $20 million.

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Now, just months after the YouTube philanthropist first announced his collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, he’s hit another “insane” milestone—30,000,000 subscribers—and with it has come a plan for another mega-project.

YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast is looking to build on the global success of Team Trees with a new, ocean-based project.

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What could MrBeast’s next project be?

After the success of Team Trees, Donaldson announced he was keen to make environmental projects “a yearly thing,” and just days before hitting his YouTube milestone he added that he wants to “change the world before [he] dies.”

It looks like MrBeast may have to change his plans a little, considering how rapidly he hit his next big goal, and even he’s agreed, teasing a new, sea-based project similar to Team Trees to come sometime in the near future.

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“20 million subscribers was TeamTrees. 30 million subscribers, TeamSeas?” he tweeted on February 12 after hitting the YouTube milestone.

While he gave no indication of how he wanted to move his efforts to a more watery focus, and did admit he “didn’t know yet,” it looks like he wants to focus on ocean pollution. “I want plastic out of the ocean,” he explained.

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MrBeast gets retrospective for his milestone

While many of the celebrations around MrBeast recently have been related to his Team Trees achievements, and rightly so, the 21-year-old also took some time to look inward after his total subscriber count ticked over to 30 million.

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According to the content creator, the number of followers he now boasts was “mindblowing” to him, and he added that his younger self would have only dreamed of what they would go on to achieve on YouTube and in the world.

“30,000,000 subscribers is insane. 13-year-old me used to dream of the life I’m living, and I swear on my life I’ll never take it for granted,” he said, before re-stating his aim to keep up with the projects. “Let’s change the world gamers.”

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The internet embraces Team Seas straight away

Donaldson may not have announced the exact details of the teased “Team Seas” just yet, but just like when Team Trees first started, personalities and stars from across the internet are already lining up to get involved.

League of Legends and Counter-Strike organization Team Liquid joined the initial surge of support, sharing one of their brand images which had been altered to read “Team Seas,” along with pink and blue colors.

Fortnite streaming star Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan also immediately put his hand up, suggesting the project could “clean up the oceans and save the marine ecosystem” by “getting rid of 30,000,000 pieces of waste from the ocean.”

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While it looks like Team Seas will have a lot of support straight away, just like the $20 million fundraiser Team Trees, it may be a little bit of a wait before MrBeast actually reveals what he has planned, considering it may take time to set up.

Keep your eyes peeled though. Once the charity drive goes live, just like his first celebration project, there’s every chance everyone will have the ability to get involved, and raise money for another great, and important, cause.

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