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Mr Beast takes over abandoned amusement park for $70K hide-and-seek

Published: 14/Mar/2020 0:09

by Virginia Glaze


Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson has returned with another epic hide-and-seek challenge for his buddies — but this time, he turned things up a notch by taking over an entire abandoned theme park.

Mr Beast is hailed as the internet’s philanthropist, known for giving out huge amounts of cash in creative ways with unique challenges.

From forcing his friends to stand in a small circle to taking them on crazy obstacle courses in high-priced luxury cars, Mr Beast has done it all — but nothing tops his latest game of high-stakes hide-and-seek.

Mr Beast, YouTube
YouTube star Mr Beast conscripted ten of his friends for another high-stakes game of hide-and-seek – including YouTube duo Yes Theory.

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While the YouTuber has undertaken such a project before, this time, he used an entire run-down theme park for the challenge, which he tasked ten other content creators to hide in for a $70,000 cash prize.


With each contestant boasting their own face cam and walkie-talkies, their game was something hauntingly akin to the Hunger Games — especially when Mr Beast turned up the stakes with a crazy addition.

After tracking down three competitors, Mr Beast announced to the remaining players that he’d placed an alarm in each of their backpacks, which could not be turned off.

Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast and crew took over an entire theme park for their latest video, which gave a haunting vibe to their hide-and-seek challenge.

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This new addition, alongside forcing them out of an entire area of the park, turned an already challenging situation even more desperate as Mr Beast and friend Chris turned the haunting theme park upside down.

That’s not all: Donaldson even made the defeated players vote to close down yet another area of the park and allowed them to help search for the remaining hiders, giving them some sort of revenge on their opposition and upping the stakes even further.


Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast allowed the defeated players to have a chance at revenge by letting them help find the remaining contestants.

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After a long stint of looking under old arcade cabinets, behind stage curtains, and even in attics, Mr Beast and crew awarded their victor, having reached a two-hour long stalemate with their final two hiders.

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Thomas ended up being the last man standing, taking home the coveted $70k prize due to his stellar hiding skills and closing another chapter of Mr Beast’s most terrifying game of hide-and-seek yet.

Considering the craziness of this game, there’s no telling what he’ll pull for another challenge in the future.