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Mr Beast spends thousands on gaming PCs for Minecraft challenge winners

Published: 7/Aug/2020 14:06 Updated: 8/Aug/2020 13:23

by Connor Bennett


YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson showed off his incredible generosity once again by buying gaming setups for a viewer and his pals after he won an impressive Minecraft build battle. 

Mr Beast has quickly cemented himself as one of the top YouTubers around with his video where shows off incredible generosity to his friends, fellow creators, viewers, and also just random strangers. 

As he’s started playing more and more Minecraft, he’s been giving his viewers the chance to profit from showing off their impressive building skills. 

In Mr Beast’ newest video – Whatever you Build, I’ll pay for – one viewer went above and beyond, bagging himself and his pals some all-new gaming setups. 

Mr Beast in front of crate of money
Instagram: Mr Beast
Mr Beast’s challenges usually go crazy on YouTube.

As you can expect, with Mr Beast giving viewers the chance to build anything they want, there were a few impressive and hilarious builds. Some fans decided to show off their creative side by building new homes and PCs, while others built cars and Pepsi cans. 

One fan even asked for his college tuition to be played, but it was a three PC setup from FireLotus200 that got Mr Beast intrigued. The viewer noted that it wasn’t three PCs and monitors for himself, but also for his friends.

As Mr Beast and his fellow judges gave the impressive build a score of 29/30, FireLotus came out on top but the YouTuber wasn’t finished handing out prizes there.

His fellow judges were also impressed by a build of the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon LEGO set. So, after another viewer won a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, they also got what they wanted. 

The popular YouTuber is sure to be back with more Minecraft tasks in the future, but what will be up for grabs there, remains to be seen. Will he give out $100,000 for the best Minecraft portrait of himself? The possibilities are pretty endless.


Claudia Conway & Perez Hilton in heated feud over “huge” party

Published: 28/Oct/2020 18:06

by Alice Hearing


Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has hit out at TikToker Claudia Conway after she hosted a huge party that got out of hand. 

In the last few days, Claudia Conway has come under fire after footage was revealed of a party she hosted at her family home, where chaos ensued and social-distancing appeared virtually non-existent.

Claudia promptly apologized on her TikTok account following the backlash, explaining that masks were supposed to be worn and restrictions were planned to be followed, but the party got out of control. She said that she would never put anyone’s lives in danger and the party did not go how she’d planned.

She added that everyone was eventually kicked off the premises and that she is not trying to deceive anyone. “I’m very disappointed in the way things turned out and I can only offer my deepest apologies.”

Claudia Conway party Instagram
Instagram: Claudia Conway
Claudia explained that she intended to comply with restrictions, but the party got “out of hand”

Following her apology, she also pointed out that Perez Hilton had recently shared one of her “friends only” videos with the public, in which she admitted that she was feeling suicidal, and he added a caption linking the video to the party.

Perez quickly clapped back: “I have not deleted it and I’m not going to delete it. I did not make fun of Claudia as she was claiming… She did have a big birthday party. I did not make fun of her, and FYI, she chose to become a public figure, and she chose to become an advocate, and has been very critical of people hosting parties and going to parties, and she and her mother threw a big party.”

@perezhilton##duet with @claudiamconway♬ original sound – claudia conway

In another video, Perez continued that while Claudia criticized the parties attendees for not wearing masks, “She should be criticizing herself,” and provided “receipts” of both her and her friends without masks at the event.

Fans of the TikToker came to her defense in the comments on Perez’s video, with one saying, “You have no business reposting stuff like this. Please stay in your lane next time,” to which Perez replied, “This is my lane.”

Another user said, “You have young daughters, how would you feel if someone reposted something one of them posted to a private story/acc? What’s not clicking?” Perez responded, “I would not care. And I will teach my daughters that they have no expectation of privacy on social media. Even if their accounts are ‘private.'”