Mr Beast shocked after staying the night in luxurious underground bunker

by Alan Bernal
Mr Beast YouTube


Mr Beast was floored after exploring a massive Doomsday bunker with over a dozen floors, making their 24-hour challenge something to look forward to.

Typically underground safe houses conjure images of canned foods and a single bed within small reinforced rooms. But the concrete shelter that Mr Beast and his friends went to was something much more luxurious and infinitely more effective at warding away the end of the world.

The 14-level safe haven that the YouTuber visited used to be a missile silo and has everything one would need to pass the time if a Doomsday scenario was threatening the globe.

Mr Beast
The underground bunker had a few surprises, like a full-sized pool and movie theater.


Complete with a library, a study, a pool, a gym, needless to say, life in this concrete tube wouldn’t take long to get used to.

“To be honest, I completely forgot I was 11 stories deep underground,” Mr Beast said. “This feels like a normal house.”

Their exploration even revealed a self-sustaining food supply that grows vegetables and fish, in case a prolonged stay in the silo should be needed.



But as far as high-end, upscale bunkers go, that was hardly the most impressive feature packed into the enclosure.

Equipped with a furnished home movie theater and lavish pool, residents of the bunker would have a hard time missing the outside world with how many amenities inside of the structure.

The gang of YouTubers proved that by splitting up among the different levels. While Mr Beast went to read a book, his friends Chandler and Chris went to the local game room and gym.

via Mr Beast YouTube
The bunker comes with a few condos and so many levels of entertainment.


It didn’t look like the trio were suffering from lack of things to do as they were enjoying the bunker’s ping pong table, rock-climbing wall, punching bags, and more.

The condos in the underground bunker cost about $2.5 million each and can house up to 10 people. Going through a full day inside of the former missile silo, Mr Beast was able to easily see how the shelter could provide comfortable living even with all of those people stuck underground.