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Mr Beast reveals why his most expensive videos didn’t make it to YouTube

Published: 30/Apr/2020 22:44

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and internet philanthropist ‘Mr Beast’ is known for pulling off some insanely expensive stunts for his videos — but some of his most costly projects never made it past the ‘publish’ button.

Mr Beast isn’t one to pinch pennies when it comes to content; the star has given away entire homes, opened free car dealerships, and even awarded a lucky contestant with one million dollars in the past.

With that in mind, it comes as little surprise that some of his scrapped projects were also insanely expensive — as well as equally time consuming.

Mr Beast, Instagram
YouTube star Mr Beast is known for giving out huge amounts of cash – as well as orchestrating crazy challenges, such as his over-the-top games of hide-and-seek – which had a $70k prize.

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In a video uploaded on April 30, Mr Beast revealed some of his wildest projects that never actually made it to YouTube, which included constructing the world’s longest domino chain, and even sending his crew to the Seven Wonders of the World.


While it certainly seemed like a good idea (and a great way for his buddies to spend a free vacation), the YouTuber revealed that he wasn’t able to complete his Seven Wonders video, as he’d left his camera on the plane and his area in Italy had no stores with high-tech cameras.

Thus, Mr Beast’s costly project went into the bin — as well as its whopping $90k budget, which included travel expenses for his squad to see such sights as the Great Pyramids of Giza and even Stonehenge.

Mr Beast, YouTube
Unfortunately, Mr Beast’s attempt at breaking the world record for the longest domino chain never made it to YouTube, with both he and his crew calling the project “boring” and a “disaster.”

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That’s not the only expensive idea that got trashed, either; the star also revealed his failed plan to break the world record for the longest domino chain was similarly scrapped, calling it “boring” and a “disaster.”


Mr Beast also revealed that it wasn’t a cheap project, either, noting that the dominoes cost a hefty $70k — a fact that he seemed pained to admit.

Other projects that failed to make it on Mr Beast’s channel included such ideas as creating an entire city of bouncy houses, renovating a barn into a “doggy wonderland” for pets, and raiding a mall wearing dinosaur costumes.

Despite these failed attempts, Mr Beast still reigns as one of YouTube’s most successful content creators, boasting over 34 million subscribers — but even the biggest YouTubers can run into bumps in the road, as evidenced by his video on the subject.